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5 Tricky Ways Guys Get You Obsessed With Them

5 Tricky Ways Guys Get You Obsessed With Them

What if I told you that guys deliberately try to get you obsessed with them? They find sneaky and clever ways to get you to fall for him without you even knowing? In this article, I am going to tell you exactly how we do it so you never fall for it again.

Men Take Advantage of Your Lack Of Men

A scarcity of men means you don’t have a lot of options. When the average person doesn’t have a lot of options, they tend not to be as picky. Not only that, we are not aware of the value that we are actually getting from someone because we have no one else to compare them too and/or few options. For example, I know a lot of women who think the guy they were talking to was a great guy and they were crazy about him. What they don’t understand though is they’re basing that off of what? You’re not going to find the best guy for you in your lifetime by talking to one guy at a time. It’s not scalable…

This tells a guy that you can’t be picky and that for the most part, you have lower barrier of entry because you’re trying to get someone to “buy”. It’s like if you were a store and you had to lower your prices to get people to come into the store and actually by something.

If you come off like you’re lacking options, he’s going to take advantage of you. So always seem like you’re wanted.

Men Give You Hope By Coming in and Out

Relationships lose their passion because people take each other for granted. That doesn’t mean they don’t care, it’s just too routine or “automatic” to even realize the decline in attraction. Let me give you a good example I used in one of my videos:

If you were to put your favorite movie on and watch it, you’d sit there and think, “Wow. That is a great movie. I can see now why it’s my favorite.” You’re going to go through an emotional roller coaster, reminisce, play scenes in your head, and probably recommend it to your friends. However, if you keep on watching it, you’re still going to love it but it’s going to feel bland and numb. You expect everything that is going to happen, nothing is going to surprise you, and you won’t mind getting up to go to the bathroom without pausing it because you already know what’s going to happen. You still love it but you lost the passion.

Guys will take advantage of this by giving you some level of uncertainty. He may pull away a bit, not text back as fast, not be all over you as much, and so on. By doing this, your brain will not see it as routine or habit. Something new has just came up! He caught you off guard.

Always be ready for a guy to play this trick.

Men Tell You What You Want To Hear

Shit…where do I even start? It’s all about the minimalist amount of effort possible. Guys who like you will invest a lot of time and energy into you. At the same time, something we invest a lot of time and energy in, we tend to like.
This is what men tend to do because he knows that a woman is emotional by nature. He knows that you will cling onto his words and JUSTIFY him liking you because you have a like bias towards him. He knows you will think, “Well, he likes me because he said XYZ. Why would someone say that if they didn’t like someone?”

They Do Just Enough

Just as I said above, he ain’t going to put the effort in if he doesn’t likes you. Instead, he’s going to go into what I call “autopilot” where he puts in the amount of effort HE FEELS he should put in to get the thing that he wants. From there he is going to pull away.

He knows what you want and he knows you’re going to justify his feeling for you (just as above). The difference here though is if you didn’t fall for the words, you’re not going to fall for the actions.

How do you prevent it? Some say you can’t because it all depends on your value and if the guy is a piece of shit. However, I am a big believer that if you watch a guy carefully and see what his intentions are (is he bringing up sex early? Is he moving fast? Is he actually investing time, money, and energy in you?) then you’ll be okay.

Men Pull Away To Make You Chase

Simply, we chase what we can’t have. Not only that, we tend to want something more when we feel like we are going to lose it. That is due to competition, survival, and having one up on someone.

We all know how we act when we have someone pull away. Some of us freak out and try to fix what we believe is the problem. When you try to fix it, you do more harm. THEN you want to fix it more. The chasing cycle begins!

Let me know in the comments below what you think. Do guys pull this shit on you? Do you know of any other tricks they use?

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