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5 Misconceptions Women Have of Men and Relationships

5 Misconceptions Women Have of Men and Relationships

I know all you sexy ladies think you have men figured out. Either that, or you had the same catastrophe happen to you time and time again that you developed a complex from men horrible things to you. In this article, I am about to shine some light on 5 misconceptions you have when it comes to men and relationships.

It’s Hard For Men To Fall In Love

I know you are going to find this one hard to believe but trust me. Men actually fall in love with women a hell of a lot faster than you think.

The only reason it doesn’t seem that way is a man is either all in or all out. You may say,

“That’s not true. I know men who were in it for a bit then he dipped. He was interested in me though.”

I have to let you in on a little secret: if a man was “in” and then “dipped”, he wasn’t truly in to begin with. He was either playing you, trying to boost that ego of his, or he wasn’t going to commit.

However, when a man is in, he’s balls deep. He will cling on you like surane wrap. I always tell women that if a guy likes you, you will know. There is no getting rid of him.

On an interest level from 1-10, if a guy is an 8 or up, he will switch religions, move across the country, try to make long distance work, leave his wife if he is having an affair, quit his job, and so on if that means he is going to be with you.

The only reason you feel like it’s hard for men to fall in love is they tricked you into thinking they’re interested when they’re actually not.

Men Don’t Want A Relationship

Men definitely want a relationship….If it’s with the right woman. I think the difference between the two sexes is women are more likely (not saying you want to or that you will just flop over and do so) to settle for a good guy while men don’t want to settle for a good girl. They want a GREAT girl!

Because men are status envy and status driven, they want a girl they can show off. That doesn’t mean you have to look like a model. You just have to be that awesome cool chick that guys wish they can have. I can’t tell you how many times I talk to guys and they just want a fun and cool chick they he can chill with.

At the same time, it just seems like men don’t want a relationship because they do a lot of pulling away. However, they only pull away from women who they had no intentions in dating, who moved too fast, or if he was a piece of shit and was using the girl to boost his ego. Besides a low ego man, men definitely want a relationship. Men were made to satisfy and provide for a woman. His ego is fed by how well you react to him to treating the woman he cares deeply about.

Men Want Skinny Women

While skinny women are nice, thick women are better. It’s all about curves and ratios. If you’re thick in the right places, then we are going to get along fine. It’s not even about being fat or skinny. It’s about looking healthy. What women don’t understand is that when a guy is looking at your breast, hips, ass, and so on, it’s not because men like those things (even though that’s what we think). The REASON our brain is drawn towards those things is they’re evolutionary cues of health, youth, and fertility. These are signs of great survival, replication, and to better provide for offspring. The lizard brain is much more powerful than our ego which says “Ohh look boobies!”

Think of it like this: Do you think any guy would turn down Iskra Lawrence? Who is 192 lbs? It’s all about the golden rule and hips to waist ratio.

Men Are Not Emotional

On average, men suffer from heart break longer, we have a higher rate of suicide, and we tend to let emotions linger longer than out counterparts.

The only difference is men hide it better.

It took me 7 months to get over a girl 10 years ago (2008). I cried 75% of those days (would have been more but I literally couldn’t cry any more) and wanted to kill myself for a majority of them. The only reason I didn’t is because of my grandma and father. Sounds pathetic but that is how bad it is for men sometimes. We get in our own heads and we feel worthless if we cannot attract the woman we want.

If you’re wondering why we don’t open up, there are lots of reasons. This video will explain why we don’t open up and how to get us to:

Men Get Over Things Easily

Some things. I wouldn’t say we are dramatic but some things keep with us. Here is a rule of thumb:

If it effects his ego, it’s going to bother him.

Some things might include:

  • You losing interest
  • Jealousy
  • A break up
  • Him losing his job
  • Anything that lowers his status
  • You poking fun at his tummy
  • Demasculinizing him
  • Money issues

Other than that, men don’t give a shit. That is why he is never in the same drama with you when it comes to your friends or why he doesn’t want those drama shows on tv.


Well there you go! Let me know in the comments if there are any other misconceptions you think women have of men. Better yet, tell me some you think we have of women. I’d love to know what you think!

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