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30 Foolproof Signs He’s Jealous And Hiding It-How To Tell If A Guy Is Jealous

30 Foolproof Signs He’s Jealous And Hiding It-How To Tell If A Guy Is Jealous

I am a guy and I would be lying if I didn’t say that sometimes, I can’t stand how we act. When a guy is jealous, he acts like a big baby. Some guys are great with it and know how to handle the situation. They don’t let it escalate and get the girl’s attention again. Other guys however freak out and think you’re such a bitch and have to make you pay. In this article, I am going to go over not only the signs he’s jealous and hiding it but why men get jealous and why they try to hide it.

Why Guys Get Jealous. You Have The Upper Hand

It is our job as men to win women over. That is how the evolutionary process goes. If we can’t convince a woman that we are a catch and worthy of her time, than by definition, we are sterile.

Men strongly associate his power, success, self-esteem, and self-worth with how well he can attract quality women. If he can’t he’s going to have a world of problems.

That is why men do a lot of the things they do today. Of course, a man should have a goal and purpose in life but all the dressing up, looking good, improving our game, the status, cars, money, big house, smooth talking, working out, and dozens of other things are to show a woman we have resources and want to win her over.

With that being said, if you hold your ground and show you’re a high value woman who is sought after, you have the upperhand. Too many times though, women lower their standards and value just to keep a guy in their life. The guy will say he doesn’t want XYZ and the woman throws the comment to the side. She thinks she can win him over anyway or that he can change.

That is not how it works. If a guy tells you he doesn’t want a girlfriend and you stick around, then by logic (because he said he doesn’t want a girlfriend and you stick around), you’re moved into the causal-friends-with-benefits category.

Instead, you need to avoid that talk altogether for the first 8 weeks and just focus on having fun and winning him over. When you have that talk at the end of the 8 weeks and he doesn’t comply, kick him to the side.

Why Do Guys Hide it

Men hide it because we are power envy. You can mark it up as a masculine thing or that society doesn’t like seeing mean as weaklings and I would say you’re right. However, we hide it because of how a lot of men view relationships. We think:

  • She wants a strong man. Not a bitch
  • If I show her my feelings she has the power
  • I don’t want to reveal my cards
  • I don’t want to seem eager or emotional
  • I don’t want to be turned down
  • I am not going to reveal my jealousy because I don’t even know if she likes me

At the end of the day it comes down to power. Men just don’t want to give up ground and we believe if we show signs of weakness, you will devour us.

30 Foolproof Signs He’s Jealous And Hiding It

I want to give you a bunch of signs on how to tell if a guy is jealous. However, the TOP 8 are going to be my clear and obvious signs that he’s jealous and trying to hide it. This is stuff guys do repeatedly because of the things I said above referring to why they get jealous and why he’s going to attempt to hide it from you. It’s more evolutionarily driven and human instinct. The other 22 things won’t be as common and based off his personality and the situation.

NOTE: This is not all men. This is usually low ego men who are insecure and/or don’t have a strong dating history. Normal men are not like this. I do not do these things when I am jealous. I let her do her thing because she’s not my girlfriend. If I don’t like it, I need to commit to her.

  1. He tries to rub shit in your face. Low ego men are real petty. He’s going to rub so much shit in your face if he’s jealous just to show you he doesn’t need you.
  2. He has that I don’t give a shit attitude. You may see him starting to act like an asshole so prepare. I highly suggest you don’t react to it because it only gives him power. The best thing to do is to excuse yourself from the situation by saying you’re tired or got to go. Leave him hanging instead. Teach him a lesson.
  3. He plays hard to get. He’s going to make you learn the hard way. If you’re talking to another guy, he’s going to pull away and see how you like it. He’s going to try to condition you in learning that if you talk to another guy, you’re going to deal with the consequences
  4. He starts to pull away. That’s right. If he’s jealous he has a chance of pulling away. Where women go wrong here is they back off on the thing they were doing that made him jealous. I am not saying make him jealous on purpose but please don’t lower your standards or change your life for a guy who is not your boyfriend. Just because you’re afraid of losing him doesn’t mean you have to ease back on things you want to do. That is counterproductive for two reasons:
      1. If you do pull back, that guy get A LOT of power. He knows you’re interested and that you want him.
      2. He will use it against you. You just conditioned him to pull away and act like an asshole if things don’t go his way. Instead, if he gets jealous, you need to play it casual and flirt. Try to pivot off the topic and smile. I would even go as far and say, “Well I like you too so if you don’t want me on the market then take me off.”
  5. He makes it a power struggle. Guys are such ego maniacs. He doesn’t want to lose to the likes of you. He’s going to make sure you pay! If he feels he’s more interested in you than you are him, he’s going to try to find ways to gain power. That could be from pulling away, talking to other women, being passive aggressive and pretty much everything else I talk about on this top 8 list. It’s a me vs you mindset for a lot of low ego and insecure men. That is why I beg women not to date any guy just because you like him. If he’s insecure, low ego, doesn’t have a dating history, and so on, then you need to have your guard up because those are the men who act like babies.
  6. He tries to make you chase him. He’s going to make you chase. He’s a power man. He’s not going to chase you. If he does, it’s not going to last.
  7. He starts to talk to other girls and give off the vibe of a player. This comes back around to making you pay the price. If you can flirt, he’s going to show you he can too.
  8. He is passive aggressive. Guys aren’t going to tell you straight up they’re jealous. That’s not in our nature. Instead, he’s going to do things in order for you to take a hint.

Other Signs A Guy Is Jealous:

  1. He sucks up to you
  2. He asks a lot of questions but doesn’t want to seem eager
  3. Your friends can tell he’s jealous
  4. He changes his behavior suddenly
  5. Acts masculine when he’s not
  6. Tries to win you over
  7. Always asks about your plans and what you’re doing
  8. Seems way to over eager
  9. Texts you a bunch
  10. Stops texting you
  11. Stops by more often
  12. Stalks your social media
  13. If you’re out, he wants to leave all of a sudden
  14. He creates space between you two because he doesn’t like what he’s seeing
  15. He goes into his feminine energy
  16. He goes out more
  17. He goes out with the “guys” more
  18. When you ask him if anything is wrong, he says “nothing”
  19. Little things you do makes him mad
  20. He becomes dramatic
  21. Friends and family get involved in the problem
  22. What you have isn’t the same

Let me know what you think. Do you have any clear signs that a guy is jealous but hiding it? What do you do when you’re jealous? How do you hide it from us?

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