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How to Get Him To Like You, Texting
How To Get A Guy To Text You First 95% Of The Time – Get Him To Like You Over Text

How To Get A Guy To Text You First 95% Of The Time – Get Him To Like You Over Text

Texting is just a tool of communication that should be used to get the date. However, I know how much you love waking up to his text. You love the validation you get when he texts you first. You feel that he’s making forth an effort and does enjoy your company. What if I told you that you can feel that way 95% of the time? That’s right. I can get this guy texting you all the time if you do what I say! In this article, I am going to explain how to get a guy to text you first 95% of the time.

I promise if you do what I say here, you’re chances are going to sky-rocket. It’s not so much what you’re doing is magical and unheard of. It’s more based on logic, how men work, and what men are willing to invest in. There is a reason men do the things they do. As a man and talking to many other men, this is what I found that works if you’re looking to get a guy to like you over text and to text your first. If you like those good morning text then read on…

Getting Him Attracted

How To Get A Guy To Text You First 95% Of The Time

YOU MUST CREATE THE DESIRE! If a guy doesn’t like you that is not his fault. It’s is yours. He can’t help attraction. It’s not a choice. He can’t make you himself attracted to you.

If you want to get a guy to text you first, he must have a reason to text you. You must have something that he wants. If you don’t you have no power or thing to negotiate. If you think he’s going to text you out of the kindness of your heart then you have a hard time coming.

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Getting Him Invested

How To Get A Guy To Text You First 95% Of The Time

When a guy invests his resources in you (time, effort, energy, money, etc) he is doing it for a reason. You attracted him and have something he wants (which is you). Logically, if a guy is investing in you, he’s going to stick around longer.

Think of it as a slot machine. The more money you invest in it and lose, the more you’re going to try to win it back. An even better logic is the guy who puts a lot of money down on a girl taking her out to dinner and on fancy dates but hasn’t won her over yet. He’s freaking out he’s going to lose her so he raises the stakes and tries harder.

How is he going to try harder? He’s going to raise his effort. One way of doing this is texting. In fact, it will probably start with texting because while it’s something you love, it’s not extra skin off his back. It’s just initiating text.

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You’re Only As Good As Your Last Contact

How To Get A Guy To Text You First 95% Of The Time

I cannot stress the importance of context. If you want a guy to text you first, you better leave him wanting more each and every time you hangout. If he doesn’t, then you left at the wrong time. You left on a low note and that’s what is freshly stuck in his mind.

Another way of looking at this is not just the last contact but the context as a whole. The women who are most successful with a guy are the ones who not only do what I say, but are able to step back and look at everything as a whole (the context) and adapt her actions and game plan accordingly.

An example of this is the girl who wants to reach out to the guy for a date but isn’t sure how she would come off. Well, you have to look at the context. If you up to that point have been texting him a ton, trying to see him daily, and all that kind of stuff, then you’re probably going to come off needy and clingy because that is the context you created. However, if you’re someone who didn’t text him that much and only seen him once or twice a week then I think reaching out is okay because the context in which you do so is different.

Have Him Jump Through Small Loopholes

How To Get A Guy To Text You First 95% Of The Time

Never start off big. Never start off strong. Never move fast and over do it. Instead, pick up the pace casually based on what he’s giving you. Men do things based on commitment and convenience. If you’re texting back and forth all the time and having a conversation over text, he’s going to stop and it’s going to die down. No guy can keep that up. It becomes a hassle and a chore over time. If you’re texting him big blocks of text and asking all these questions trying to keep the conversation alive, he’s going to eventually ignore you. He’s going to look at his phone, see what you say and then get back to you later.

Why do guys do this? It’s based off what I call “commitment”. Let me give you two examples:

  1. There was a girl I knew that when I texted her, I was stuck in a text. Meaning that when she texted me and I texted her back, I was basically committing to a texting convo that would last forever. If I didn’t respond, she’d just keep responding. I don’t want that commitment so what do I do? Just not text.
  2. Another example is talking to someone on the phone. If you first talk on the phone and it’s a long ass talk, he’s more than likely not going to pick up the phone again or enter a time constraint and say, “Hey what’s up? I can only talk for 30 mins because I have a client soon. How have you been?”

If you want a guy to text you first, don’t make him think it’s a commitment doing so. Keep it short, intense, and simple. Think of small burst. Guys are more willing to text you if he knows it’s a come and go.


Is there anything I left out? Do you have any tricks that get a guy to text you first?

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