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7 Oblivious Signs Your Male Coworker Likes You That You Don’t See

7 Oblivious Signs Your Male Coworker Likes You That You Don’t See

Are you falling for your coworker? Do you like him but don’t want to make any moves because you’re not sure if your coworker likes you or not? Meeting a guy at work is one of the most common ways to find someone. We spend 33% of our lives working so the people you hang with at work eventually become family. In this article, I am going to give you 7 oblivious signs your male coworker likes you that you don’t see

Finds Reasons To Talk To You

I remember when I was at a job and I really like my coworker. I would always find a reason to talk to them. I would usually use what I call “situational openers” to talk to her. For example, if your desk or work area is next to the water fountain/cooler, he’s going to get up and get a lot of water. If you’re working in a particular area in the store, he’s going to head to that area a lot for whatever reason.

He likes you so he’s going to think of every reason to talk to you.

Closes Proximity Between You Two

Despite it being work, guys are going to push the envelop and close the distance with you if they like you. He’s going to get close, talk, flirt, and try to build a connection within the rules of the workplace.

The best way to do that is to get close. Getting close helps with every other reason I mention in this article. Not only that, I always explain that things happen when you’re closer. A guy cannot attract you when you’re far away. Even if it wasn’t a coworker, how is a guy suppose to attract you from across the room or bar? He can’t! That is why he must walk over to you and win you over.

Always Looks Over At You

He’s bored at work and you’re probably nice to look at. Most of the time, if that is the case, he’s fantasizing about you. Trust me, this is something a lot of men do at work. When we want time to fly by and are bored at work, we will start to gaze at you. We start thinking a lot of “what ifs” in hope you look at us also.

Tries To Get You Alone

A lot of coworkers will try to get you alone. Not in a creepy way but because it’s more intimate. Remember, if you’re a coworker, a lot of the times he sees you is at work. So he’s going to use that advantage to spend time with you and win you over.

When you’re alone, it is more intimate and changes the atmosphere. That is a great way men try to build attraction.

A Lot Of Flirting

Joyful man and woman having fun on date. They are making selfie on mobile phone and laughing. Lovers are sitting at table in cafe and embracing

Joyful man and woman having fun on date. They are making selfie on mobile phone and laughing. Lovers are sitting at table in cafe and embracing

This is the most obvious sign. He’s going to flirt with you a bunch. It’s going to be obvious to everyone but you so you might as well ask other coworkers what they think. They have an opinion I am sure.

He’s going to flirt by doing the following:

  • Tease you
  • Make you laugh
  • A lot of staring
  • Nudge you or run into you
  • Have some quick-wit or snappy comebacks

Flirts Outside Of Work

If flirting at work isn’t enough, he’s flirting with you outside of work. Of all the things I said so far, I think this is the clearest sign along with flirting at work.

If a guy flirts with you outside of work, it’s telling you two things:

  1. He wants to expand the relationship outside of work probably because he likes you and wants to see you
  2. He’s okay with what happens because you’re coworkers and even though things might get weird, he wants to take that chance.

You Text A Bunch

I think any guy who texts a girl a bunch is obviously interested. I think it says more about a coworker though. If he’s flirting with you outside of work (I would count this outside of work) and if he’s blowing up your phone, he’s digging you.

Not only that, it’s adding another layer of depth and context between you two. If he didn’t like you, he’d keep it professional and as a coworker. But if he’s texting you and flirting through text, you got him hooked.

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