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The 8 Most Obvious And Surefire Signs A Guy Is Crushing On You

The 8 Most Obvious And Surefire Signs A Guy Is Crushing On You

Guys can be pretty strange creatures and it can be hard to know where you stand with them. However, once you know the subtle signs to look for, you are going to know he’s got it bad! Some of the signs that he is crushing on you might not be what you expect but they are very accurate for the majority of the male population. So carry on reading to discover the 8 most obvious and surefire signs a guy is crushing on you.

He Pays Attention To Details

If he seems to know more about you than what he should, this is a great sign. Guys are usually heavily into video games and other hobbies, that they don’t notice smaller details about everyone else. If he does notice the little things about you, then you can guarantee it’s because you are special to him. Perhaps you told him something once and he remembers it months later? This is a sign that he hangs on every word you say.

Over The Top Investment (The little Extra)

If you’ve seen him around other girls, notice how he is around them and see if the way he behaves around you is different. He is going to spend extra time talking to you, getting to know you and asking questions if he is interested. Although guys won’t come out right and say they are into you, it can be fairly obvious based on the little extra effort they make. Somebody it is hard to notice what is right in front of you but when you pay attention, the signs might be more clear.

Builds Momentum and Doesn’t Let It Die

One of the top surefire signs a guy is crushing on you, is that he’s trying to progress your relationship, without actually putting a label on things yet. Perhaps you met through friends but he is now asking you to hang out with him alone? Maybe he’s taking the flirtation up a notch or making more eye contact than what he used to. However he’s building the momentum, if he’s keeping it up, this is a sign that he likes you. It’s hard NOT to want to take things further when you have strong feelings for someone and this is going to become more apparent over time.

Threads Your Daily Lives Together

If your paths always seem to cross, it could be more than just a coincidence. He is not going to stalk you but he is going to raise his chances that you run into each other more often. Why? because he loves to see you and talk to you. Perhaps you are students and he always waits for you after class or maybe you are even colleagues and he arranges some of his shifts to suit yours. These ‘run ins’ are probably for him to try and get the courage to tell you how he feels or ask you out on a real date. Want to get him even more obsessed with you than what he currently is? Check out the following link:

He Doesn’t Mind Where It’s Going With You

This dude is just happy that you are spending time with him. Whether you are friends, friends with benefits or in a full relationship. He just wants to spend time with you and have as much fun with you as possible. Of course if he likes you a lot (which he does if you’ve checked off most of these signs so far,) he is going to want something serious. If it’s very clear that he likes you and you feel the same way, why not make the first move? Many guys love dominant women!

Counter Offers When He Can’t Make A date

If he genuinely can’t make a date due to work or something else getting in the way, he’s going to suggest another date/time to meet, if he really likes you that is. He doesn’t want you to think that he’s blowing you off because he really isn’t. Almost immediately after turning down a date, he will suggest something else and stick to it. Sometimes things just crop up but he still wants to spend as much time with you as possible so don’t assume that he is making excuses.

Jumping through Obstacles To Be With You

No matter what happens in his life, he wants to spend time with you. He will re-arrange dates he can’t make (as stated previously) in addition to other things. When he isn’t at work or hanging out with friends, he will be with you. Whether he is arranging cute surprises that are not like him or changing things around in his life to suit you, this is a big sign that he is crushing hard and want to takes things further with you. If he’s making this much effort, could there even be another reason than that he is just hugely into you?

Uncontrollable Smile Means He’s Crushing

Last but not least, if he just can’t keep the smile off his face when he’s around you – that’s definitely good news. When you are happy and in the company of someone you enjoy, that happiness just radiates through you. So look for that glint in his eye and more importantly the smile on his face the next time you are together. I bet that smile will get even bigger when you guys finally take things to the next level and all his efforts are appreciated.

These signs a guy is crushing on you are very accurate and will help you immensely in assessing the situation you have found yourself in. Perhaps there is a guy you have your eye on but you are not sure if he feels the same. If he matches all or even some of these signs, he definitely likes you too. A guy will sometimes try to hide when he likes you so he doesn’t get hurt. You can discover signs that he is doing this on the following article 

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