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5 Clear Signs A Guy Wants You To Chase Him And How To Get Him To Chase You

5 Clear Signs A Guy Wants You To Chase Him And How To Get Him To Chase You

Everybody wants to feel wanted – and what better way to feel more wanted than when you are being chased by someone you like? In the past, it was always like a standard unwritten rule that guys do the chasing. However, for those of us in the 21st century, it is common for ladies to do the chasing too. I mean, if you like someone, just let them know and see how it goes. So, how can you tell if a guy wants you to chase him? Here are top 5 clear signs a guy wants you to chase him

1.  He pulls away but never completely

The best way to make someone more interested in you is to drop some hints that you are interested in them and then backing off (but not completely). If a guy understands this form of seduction, he will use it to let you know that he wants you to chase him. If you have just met, he can show interest by flirting with you from across the room but doing nothing more about it. However, on the side, he might decide to leave an open seat. This can be decoded as a silent invitation for you to join him and maybe get to talk.

The main reason why some guys do this is that they are too nervous to express their feelings or they are afraid of rejection. Therefore, the best way to deal with a guy like this is to just give him time to compose himself, and by all means, DO NOT confess your feelings for him. This will just add onto the pressure that he is already feeling.

2.  If he pulls away and it doesn’t work, he re-engages

Sometimes we tend to misread other people’s actions – and this can also be the case in this situation. A guy can drop you some hints and then pull away with the hopes that you will chase him. However, his hints may not be that obvious to you or you might get a totally different message from his actions. A good example of this is when you go out for a drink or just spend some good time together and then after that, he goes silent. No texts. No calls. As a lady, the first thing that will come to your mind is that maybe he didn’t like you, or he is just not that into you.

On the contrary, the guy went silent because to him it was a strategy to let you know that he wants you to chase him. If he notices that you did not get the hint, he will re-engage again and this will be a surefire sign that he wants you to chase him. However, if he does not re-engage after pulling away, then maybe he’s just not that into you.

3.  He shows a lot of interest in the beginning then backs off just a bit

Okay, picture this; you meet a cute guy and you like him –a lot. He keeps calling you and texting you all day long. As a result, you develop a serious crush on him. Suddenly, he backs off just a bit! What will you do? You are much more likely to start chasing him, right? Exactly! Therefore, if a guy understands how to use this strategy to his advantage, you will find yourself falling head over heels for him – and you will start chasing him.

For the guys reading this, you have to be really tactical when using this strategy since if you do it wrong it will be a major turn off. If you back off completely, it will be a clear message that you are not at all interested in her and this will chase her away. Therefore, you should back off just a bit to create room for her to start chasing you.

4.  He pulls away after a really good time

One of the best strategies to get someone to start chasing you is to make sure that they are always thinking about you. A good way to make sure that this happens is to create sweet memories with them. For example, you can do stupid (but fun) things together and laugh about it or you can hate on other people together just for the fun of it. The bottom line is, if he pulls away after a really good time, you are bound to get more interested in him and end up chasing him.

The strategy used here was for him to make it clear that he is interested in you. He would like to spend more time with you but he wants it to look like your idea. Also, he might pull back a little just to see if the feeling is mutual or not. Therefore, if he does this to you and you genuinely liked him, then ask him out and see where it goes.

5.  He plays hard to get but is jealous when other guys come into the picture

Most ladies have mastered the fine art of seduction – and most of it involves playing hard-to-get. However, many things have changed over the past few years. Playing hard to get is no longer as sexy as it used to be –especially if you overdo it. If a guy plays hard to get but clearly gets jealous when other guys come into the picture, then it is so obvious that he wants you to chase him.

Final Words on 5 clear signs a guy wants you to chase him

Guys like to do the chasing. However, some instances call for reversed roles. For example, if the guy is too shy to approach you or maybe he feels like you are way out of his league. Or better yet, if he is not sure that the feeling is mutual and he is afraid of rejection, or he just wants you to do the chasing. As a lady, what you need to do is as follows:

· Keep encouraging him and building his confidence.

· Do not unleash yourself on him as this might chase him away.

· Do not introduce the “what are we” topic until he is ready to talk about it.

· Do not look too desperate, and most of all, DO NOT ignore these top 5 clear signs a guy wants you to chase him.



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