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Why Does My Boyfriend Text Other Girls – 5 Brutal Reasons

Why Does My Boyfriend Text Other Girls – 5 Brutal Reasons

You are in what you feel is a happy relationship, only to discover that your man is texting other girls behind your back! This happens with many couples but it doesn’t mean that it has to be the end. There could be a lot more to this situation than him being a pig, even though sometimes it simply is that unfortunately. Let’s answer the question why does my boyfriend text other girls to give you a better insight into how his mind is working.

He’s losing interest

Well I did say brutal and you can’t get much more brutal than this. Sometimes, guys will text other girls because they are simply not that into you anymore. It’s the coward’s way out of course but it does happen. Look to see if his attention is fading in other ways too, like if he stops noticing the effort you make with your appearance or he makes excuses not to hang out with you as often. The fact he is losing interest doesn’t mean he is not into you at all. However, he’s texting other girls to see what else is available. If your man falls into this category, it’s probably a relationship that is doomed to failure anyway so it’s best break it off before he can.

He has insecurities

Something might have happened in past relationship that is making him not value himself in your relationship together. He is seeing himself as not being worth it, so he’s self sabotaging the relationship as a way to not be in one anymore.. His low ego means that he is seeking attention elsewhere because in his eyes, attention from 2 or more women, is better than attention from just 1.

He probably doesn’t even plan on doing anything with these other girls, he’s just intensely craving that confidence boost and doesn’t know how else to get it.

Perhaps he even is paranoid that you are cheating on him due to previous heartbreak (this happens VERY often. Too often sadly where he feels people are going to cheat therefore he has to cheat before you do), which is making him want to do the same. If this is the reason your boyfriend is texting other girls, it is possible to get through it. He isn’t a total slimeball, he just has issues that need to be worked through. If you are very much in love with this guy then maybe you can work things out together but is things are relatively new, it might not be worth the hassle.

He thinks he can get away with it

 Why Does My Boyfriend Text Other Girls - 5 Brutal Reasons

Why Does My Boyfriend Text Other Girls – 5 Brutal Reasons

Talking to other girls when he knows it’s technically “wrong” gives him a thrill. He thinks you won’t find out so he figures, “Why not do it?”

Whether he is simply flirting with other women via text message, planning to physically cheat or even doing it already – it’s because he thinks he can. Men often think with one part of their body because the other part is emotionally damaged! A pretty girl giving him attention is too hard to resist because as he sees it, variety is the spice of life.

These kind of cheaters are even more sneaky with what they do. He will be VERY careful not to get caught. He will delete emails, text messages and do everything in his power to stop you getting your hands on his phone. He might even start being extra attentive to you in an attempt to throw you off the scent. Your boyfriend will think he is being sneaky with all he’s doing in this technique but he’s actually drawing more attention to the fact he isn’t being honest with you.

He’s always trying to fill a void

If you are wondering why does my boyfriend text other girls, It might be because something is missing from your relationship or within him as a person. Maybe he likes you but something just doesn’t feel “right” to him. Perhaps it is as harsh as you not being his type as much as you could be, whether based on looks or personality. Maybe you two just kind of fell into a relationship together but it isn’t what he truly wants. He is keeping you hanging on but he’s still trying to find something better in the meantime. The void of course, could be that he isn’t mentally ready for a serious relationship. Guys can have just as many issues as girls and if that’s the case, maybe he is the type of person who is only cut out for something casual which isn’t right for you.

He doesn’t see the penalty of it

You likely absolutely adore this man and he 100% knows it. He thinks that if you find out about him texting other girls, it will not make much difference to your relationship anyway. He assumes you are going to forgive and forget, which is when he’ll probably do the same thing all over again. He basically sees you as a push-over and this isn’t something that you should stand for. These kind of MEN never change and if your boyfriend falls into this category, you need to see him for what he is before you fall even more in love with him. Show him that there is a penalty for his dumb actions, when you move onto a guy who is 10 times the man he is!

Other Reasons Your Boyfriend Is Texting Other Girls

The various reasons of why your boyfriend is texting other girls, shows there is a lot more going on in his head than what you realize. While your relationship COULD be saved, it really depends on why he is betraying you in this way. Sometimes, simply talking to him can work to solve the situation, in other cases counselling might be necessary. Most of the reasons that have been mentioned however are just bad choices and show how selfish he is as a person. Every situation is different of course, but just remember that you don’t deserve to be treated this way. There are many men out there who will be yours and yours only, so aim to find them instead of the jerks!


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