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5 Brutal But Honest Facts Why Your Boyfriend Talks To Other Girls And Flirts

5 Brutal But Honest Facts Why Your Boyfriend Talks To Other Girls And Flirts

Do you have a man, who is an uncontrollable puppy when it comes to flirting? In a nutshell, does your man constantly talk and flirt with other girls? It can be painful to see him redirecting his focus to other ladies. Nobody likes being the second choice, especially if you want to be in a serious relationship.

Every relationship should have their specific rules between their partners. Flirting is one of the rules that should never be broken. But why would a man want to talk to other girls and flirt with them endlessly; even though he has a girlfriend? I will be showing you 5 facts why your boyfriend talks to other girls and flirts.

#1 Reason Your Boyfriend Talks to Other Girls and Flirts: He Thinks He Will Get Away With It

He will flirt because he thinks you will not find out about it. Even if you do, he thinks he will easily get away with it {maybe he will lie to you or something or you will take him back}. Why do some men do that? Basically, some guys will flirt and get too personal with other girls because they know they won’t face any consequences after all. I can’t stress how many women stick around and lower their standards just to keep guys in their lives even though he’s messing up day after day.

One friend of mine told me straight up that he flirts with his workmate because his girlfriend will not find out about it. So you see, your man might talk to girls and be flirtatious because he believes he can get away with it without you knowing.

The sad fact is that he knows you will be hurt if you find out about his extra coy behaviors to other girls.

So why does he think he can get away with it?

  1. He is a master of lies
  2. You are not always around him
  3. He has friends who help him lie and flirt with other girls
  4. One of the girls she flirts with is your close friends; so they won’t let you know
  5. You don’t do anything about it but argue
  6. You stick around after he does it

Reason #2: You Let Him Get Away With It

One advice I give girls is to avoid being too nice to their boyfriend, especially when he is in the wrong. So maybe he flirted too much with a girl through text, and you came across the conversation. What do you do next? You let it go and still show him how much you love him. Very wrong!

Desperation is the worst thing to have in a relationship. Anytime you seem or act desperate; your partner will take advantage of you.

So if you happen to catch him talking and flirting with other girls, but still stick with him, he will never learn. Every mistake must have a penalty.

I have seen many relationships, where the woman is afraid of losing the guy. For that, she just gets mad at what the man did and let it go without doing anything to him. Do you think this helps in any way? It certainly doesn’t.

Reason #3: You Don’t Nip It in the Butt From The Beginning

This is almost similar to when letting him get away with it. However, it varies slightly in the sense that you see the signs of him flirting with other girls, but you just ignore.

Some girls ignore the flirtatious behavior of their boyfriends hoping that they may change in the future. Maybe you saw him teasing with some girl, and they hugged, and they were uncomfortably close. You end up ignoring and giving yourself hopes that it is just a regular friendship.

What your man will do in this case is to get comfortable with what he does. He will then do it to push your buttons, just to see what you will do about it. It is just like when raising a child. If the mom doesn’t punish him for doing something bad, he will keep doing it knowing that the mom is okay with it.

So what should you do about it? If you notice any signs of flirting or extreme closeness between your boyfriend and other ladies, take immediate action.

Would you rather be a drama queen and prevent any future cheating, or be a polite girl, who will just be manipulated and be cheated on by the boyfriend? Obviously, better safe than sorry.

Reason #4: He Likes the Attention from Other Girls

Well, everybody loves to hear that they are attractive. Even if you have a partner that you love so much, you still feel good when someone says you are attractive. This is common in men; we just love the attention.

Nonetheless, just because you want to be sure that you still look attractive to other people doesn’t mean that you should misbehave. Some men act up, mostly when they notice a girl is attracted to them.

What happens, in this case, is that the man will try to return the so-called favor. When they flirt with girls, they are trying to tell them that they are also attracted to them.

Try to figure this out; if your guy feels good when you tell them they look amazing, how will they feel when another lady tells them the same? Furthermore, they will even be more flattered when they receive such a good compliment from a cute and hot lady.

Reason #5: He’s Bored of the Relationship and May Not Care Anymore

At some point, the guy could be bored of the relationship. What makes it even worse is when he doesn’t care about it anymore. In this case, he will try greener pastures elsewhere, just to feel good inside.

First off, several reasons will lead to your man being bored of the relationship. Here is a look at some;

  1. You are a routine girl, who does the same things and talks about the same stuff over and over again.
  2. Unresolved conflicts. At some point, maybe you fought, but you didn’t work things out. In this case, the man will hold grudges and will feel less attracted to you.
  3. The other ladies are simply hotter and prettier. It could be that the other ladies are just irresistibly hotter than you. Too bad!
  4. The sex is boring. The sexual connection has an overall effect on the relationship. When it is spicy, the relationship will be lively. And when it is boring, everything will be dull and boring in the relationship.

Always ensure that you make your man feel loved and that you try new ways of making the relationship lively.

Don’t be too insecure, but also don’t be too soft and desperate. If he is wrong, you have the right to get mad and show him that he might lose you if he’s acting stupid.

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