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5 Facts Why He ACTS Uninterested – Why Do Guys Play Mind Games And Pull Away

5 Facts Why He ACTS Uninterested – Why Do Guys Play Mind Games And Pull Away

Things are going well with the guy you are seeing and then all of a sudden, he seems to pull away. He hardly speaks to you and even tries to get out of dates. This can be such a shock especially if the situation between you felt perfect. Don’t assume he isn’t interested anymore because it’s usually a lot more complicated than that. There could be several reasons why this is happening and the majority of them have nothing to do with you. So let’s explore the question why do guys play mind games and pull away and act uninterested?

1. They Do It To Regain Power

They think things are going too well and they feel like they are losing the power that they tend to have had, over most girls in the past.. Perhaps he has deeper feelings for you than what he was expecting or is used to. This is scaring him slightly and it’s making him react in a way that shuts you out. If you are ‘wearing the trousers’ in the relationship (for example, you are the one who arranges when to meet,) maybe he feels like his masculinity is being challenged. By pulling away, he is trying to regain that power that he feels like he’s losing. He does not necessarily want to be apart from you but he wants the dynamics of the relationship to change back into something that he is comfortable with.

2. They Don’t Want To Reveal Their “Cards”

Relationships can be a bit of a game in the beginning, especially before a label is put onto things. Both men and women are guilty of making certain “moves”, that they think is expected of them. He might be starting to act uninterested even if he is very interested because he doesn’t want to let you know how he feels. He might be unsure how you feel about him, which is why he is starting to play his cards very close to his chest.
There are two ways that you can deal with a guy who pulls away for this reason. Either tell him how you feel about him, which will hopefully prompt him to be more open about his feelings. The ‘where is this relationship going?’ chat is always very daunting but sometimes it is necessary to really go forward as a couple. Another option is to pull away yourself, showing him that two can play at that game. If he really likes you, he will find his way back to you and hopefully take the situation more seriously the next time around.

3. Men Play Mind Games Because They Don’t Want To Come Across As Too Eager

The expression “treat them mean, keep them keen” is very clear in his mind, it’s what men have been taught for years! It doesn’t work for most women anymore but many men have failed to get that memo. This backwards way of thinking could be the reason why he is acting this way. He wants you to think that he has lots of options in terms of women, he’s an alpha male and sometimes this can simply make him act like an idiot. Coming across as too eager is what many men worry about. When he eases off due to this reason, why not try talking to him about it? Explain that you are too mature for mind games and want a straight answer as to why he’s pulling away. If he denies everything, then you too should take a step back and see what his next move will be.

4. They Think The Mystery Is Attractive

He’s desperate to try every trick in the book to be as attractive to you as possible and this might mean ignoring you for a while or acting as aloof as possible. Absence makes the heart grow fonder after-all, right? He thinks by being mysterious, you are going to want him even more and this is possibly working! I mean if you are reading this right now, you must still be really into this guy despite the games. Playing these kind of tricks might be OK in the beginning as a barrier of sorts but if he is relentless and it carries on even after you are an official couple, maybe he is not the right guy for you. A touch of sexy mystery is one thing but playing with your head is another.

5. He Is Just Not That Into You

It is not always about playing mind games, sometimes it’s as simple as him realizing he does not like you as much as he thought he did. Maybe he thought he wanted something serious in the beginning but later realized he didn’t or you just aren’t right for him. If you came on particularly strong then he could have been scared off. If this is the case, don’t true to pursue this relationship any further. You can’t force something that isn’t there and you definitely can’t force somewhere to be in a longterm relationship if they are not ready. Some guys simply don’t have the balls to tell you that they are not feeling it anymore and in that case, he probably isn’t mature enough for you anyway.

The possible reasons why he pulls away are extensive, so don’t assume that you are doing something wrong. Men feel they need to act a certain way in order to protect an image of themselves and this could be why he is pulling away. When you really get to know the man in your life, it might be easier to predict why he is backing off from the relationship and ignoring you. He might be pretty new to relationships in general and he is only now learning how to handle his emotions. When you figure out the reasons for him playing mind games, only then can you decide if he is worth keeping in your life or not.

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