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How to Get Him To Like You, Texting
The EASIEST Way On How To Get A Guy To Like You On Instagram

The EASIEST Way On How To Get A Guy To Like You On Instagram

There are so many hot guys on Instagram, it is a website that really widens the range of men that you can possibly date. Many relationships struck up online prove to be very successful and you could even find something long-term this way. However, in addition to hot guys; there are also many beautiful girls on the popular photo sharing website. By doing a few things however, you can ensure that you stand out and by doing so, you are one step closer to dating him. Carry on reading to discover how to get a guy to like you on Instagram.

Take Great Pics But Also Use Your Story

The main thing people do on Instagram is post amazing photos of themselves and that is really important in getting his attention. The first thing he sees when he clicks on your page is going to be your appearance and this is obviously a factor for the initial attraction in regards to all couples. Make sure you have a few pictures that really show you at your best but are not too heavily filtered.
In addition to this however, you should definitely utilize the recent “story” feature that has been added to the site. This is similar to how SnapChat works, it basically let’s you showcase your day and what you have been doing. You should make the most of this because it really looks a lot more natural than just uploading a bunch of posed photos. It gives him a deeper insight into your life and who you are as a person, not just what you look like. You are going to get him more attracted to you by using stories because they look more natural. He is definitely going to notice the girls who use “stories” more than those who just upload regular pics.

Build Momentum Over Time

The best things come to those who wait and it’s important to take things slow with this guy. Momentum really makes things even better when it finally does happen. If you are TOO obvious with how you feel, this could scare him away. Don’t ‘like’/comment on every single one of his photos and don’t make it overly clear how often you check his profile. The beginning of your online relationship should take a while to develop. What’s the rush anyway, right?
Make sure that when you are building networks on Instagram, you don’t just focus on him. Like other guys pictures too, he will probably notice this which will not make you seem like you are just interested in him. Follow people and try to get others to follow you, appearing quite popular is likely going to be attractive to him. In those early stages, you want him to notice you but not too much. Your interaction online should slowly increase at a pace that is comfortable and seems natural. After some time of taking things slowly and building up the relationship, it’s time to move on to the next two points, which definitely make your feelings more clear.

Like Older Posts Of His

Now that he is seeing more of you on his Instagram feed and developing a closer look into your life, it’s time to make your feelings a little more clear. Liking his recent posts is great but you should also scroll down his page and like his older posts too. You might be wondering what this achieves, it basically shows that you are looking more into his page than what you are with other people. Maybe don’t like EVERY single picture that he posted months or even years ago, because this is probably taking things too far but like enough that show you are harmlessly stalking his page, just a little bit.
The kind of response you will hopefully get from this bold move, is that he will start liking your older posts too. You would have no reason to have this kind of non-verbal flirtation other than the fact you are interested in each other. Liking his social media posts is basically telling him you like him as a person and definitely what he looks like. He has no reason to return the favor, unless you have caught his eye too. If this step in the process has gone well, it’s time to move onto the most important point.

Send Him A Private Message

You’ve had some back and forth, the only thing left to do is actually speak to him. Don’t worry about making the first move, many guys actually love this trait in a girl. It’s really easy to send messages on Instagram but make sure that the message itself is something cool and casual. Commenting to him about one of his pictures would be the best way to start a conversation. Something like “Hey, I saw you went to the *insert band* concert last like, they are my favorite, was it a blast?” Ending with a question kind of forces him to reply and you will be able to assess from the length of his reply, if he wants to take things further. Honestly, if you’ve been liking each others posts for a while, he’s going to be really happy to have a message from you. Chatting online is great because it gives you an added boost of confidence that you might not have if you were speaking in person. Hopefully after some messages and if everything goes well, this relationship can go from the virtual kind to actually meeting in the flesh and taking things from there.
Now that you know how to get a guy to like you on Instagram, it’s time to put these steps into action with that certain one you have your eye on. By playing things just right, you can basically get any man to notice you – even if you feel like he is out of your league. A mixture of your pictures, personality and how you speak to him is really going to stand out in his eyes.

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