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How To Tell If A Guy Is Playing Hard To Get But Likes You – Clear Signs He’s Into You

How To Tell If A Guy Is Playing Hard To Get But Likes You – Clear Signs He’s Into You

I am sure you want to know a guy’s true feelings for you. With all the games being played today, you’re having a hard time reading him. I am here to help you decipher the male code. I am going to teach you how to tell if a guy is playing hard to get but likes you. It’s no small feat but I know it’s going to ease your mind if you can pin the guy’s feelings down so I am more than happy to help.

Below are three things I constantly see guys do when they are playing hard to get but like the girl:

Consistently Inconsistent (Re-engaging)

Guys pull this kind of shit all the time. Guys are always trying to get you to react because when you react, it shows your cards and true intentions. If you react, you care. Therefore, that is why I tell all my clients to never “go on tilt.’ Never react. Never go off balance. Act as if the shit he does doesn’t bother you and then keep working on building attraction.

With that being said, when a guy likes you, he might try to test you. I am not a big believer that guys go out of their way to initially test a woman but if he did, it’d be to measure her interest for him.

How do guys do that? They pull away.

However, the problem with that is if a guy likes you, he’s at a disadvantage! Because if he pulls away and you don’t react, he put himself in a shitty situation. The fact that he likes you means he will have to re-engage eventually or he’s going to risk the chance of losing you.

That is why a guy will play hard to get but if he likes you, he is going to consistently be inconsistent. He’s going to come and go.

When that happens, don’t react the first several times. WHEN YOU TWO GET CLOSER and you actually have some ground on making demands, you need to draw the line and give him standards. If you don’t like that, then do it through your actions.

The biggest problem women have in this situation is they lower their standards to keep a guy in their life. That is why I tell women you can’t get mad at a guy for treating you the way he’s treating you because although their are shitty men, you’re conditioning him to treat you that way! If you don’t like him, then cut him off!

When you play hard to get, he comes back around

On the opposite end of the spectrum, when you play hard to get, the guy usually will crack (if he truly likes you) and come running back.

It starts to become a tug-of-war match. It’s a pride thing where if one person pulls away, the other will also pull away. There are several reasons it becomes a tugging match:

  • Pride
  • Miscommunication
  • One may feel the other is pulling away because one of you came off too strong so in return, you back off to stop coming off strong
  • Mind games

Whatever the reason, it comes down to the, “Who ever loves less wins” theory where the person who usually gets the upperhand is the one who cares less. The one who really likes the other will usually cave and come back around. So when a guy plays hard to get and you pull away, it’s safe to say that he will come running back if you hold your ground and are a high value woman worth chasing.

If you pull away and it becomes the tugging match I talked about earlier, guys will try to get you with a different angle. They may post something on social media or pictures with another girl. Again, DO NOT REACT.

This is why I don’t like games and pulling away to begin with. It puts you in these hard-to-recover situations. I teach attraction for a reason. Not mind games. Attraction will always get the guy to re-engage. Games are an illusion.

He pulls away when there is no reason to pull away

If you’re not pressuring him or pushing for a relationship, then he has no reason to pull away. In fact, 90% of guys who pull away do so because the pressure was too much for him. So if you do what I say in my articles and videos, you should have no problem with him pulling away.

If he does pull away, it’s only to gain power and get you to react. So look at the overall picture:

Are you doing anything wrong? Are you playing it well for the most part?

If you answer yes to that and he is pulling away, you can bet it’s due to him having a different motive. That is a clear sign in my opinion that he is trying to play hard to get.

I say this because I look at things from a logical perspective: a guy likes you, wouldn’t he want to spend more time with you? Isn’t it when you two hang out and talk where you build the most attraction? Well, if you’re doing everything right and not coming off too strong and he’s pulling away, it’s probably because he’s trying to gain some ground. Maybe he realized his feelings for you and thought that he’s showing a lot more interest than you. He has to scale that back somehow! The way is usually a guy pulling away. So while there is a reason, it’s not because of you thankfully.


Let me know what you think. Are there any other things guys do that show they’re interested in you but play hard to get? Leave it in the comments below so other women can get a better understanding of their own situations. We are a community!!


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