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4 REAL Reasons You’re Being Ignored By Someone You Love – Why Is He Ignoring Me?

4 REAL Reasons You’re Being Ignored By Someone You Love – Why Is He Ignoring Me?

I am going to show you the mistakes you make that cause a guy to ignore you. There are several things that women do, knowing or unknowingly, that make men run for the hills. No matter how hot you are or how great the sex is, if you are doing any one of these things, there is a good chance that there is a guy somewhere doing all he can to ignore your advances:

  • He doesn’t see a benefit you have over other women
  • You push for the relationship too early
  • Too eager, interested, needy, clingy, available, ect
  • You cling too fast

Every man wants his freedom. Yes! Even the happily married ones still long for the days when they could go out of town with their boys and have a good time without someone texting them 1,500 times in two hours asking:

  • Where they are?
  • What they are doing?
  • With whom are they doing it?

But alas, man cannot live like that his entire life. At some point, call it a male biological clock the right woman, he’s going to want to settle down.

When that time comes around, you do not want to be one of the women that he has already written off because you made several mistakes in the past that raised red flags with him.

You are hot as hell, so why are men ignoring you and why don’t they want to settle down with you?

Trust me, if I had a penny for every time I heard this question from my clients I would retire by now.

Today, the world is full of 10/10 women who are stunning in every sense of the word yet they do not have a man nor are they anywhere near having a stable relationship with one. These women dress the part, talk the part and even play the part. They are HOT, they know it and they are not scared of flaunting it around.

Logically, this is the kind of woman that every man would dream of having as his own. After all, every man wants to have one over his peers and if that ‘one’ is the fact that his girl is better looking than everyone else’s the better the satisfaction.

Why is she single?

She doesn’t have stickability.

She’s hot and draws the guy in but doesn’t know the sequence on how to keep him. I am making a course on that as we speak so I can’t reveal that here. Just come back and check in. I should have it posted soon 😊

But Why is He Ignoring Me? He Seemed Interested

Maybe you have gone out with him a few times and he has even introduced you to a few of his friends. You know for a fact that they all find you attractive and you know that this guy likes you.

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So why does he suddenly pull away and act nonchalant? Why, in the name of all that is good and curvaceous does he start ignoring you all of a sudden?

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It might not be your fault…but what if it is?

I’ll be honest with you, in some cases, it might not even be your fault. It just might be that:

  • The guy isn’t looking for a relationship right now?
  • He has commitment issues
  • He just broke up with someone
  • He is just into you for the sex
  • He might have been using you to bolster his ‘street cred’ with the boys

If it is anyone of these reasons, then you are better off cutting ties and finding someone who wants to be with you for intrinsic reasons; someone who appreciates everything that you are and isn’t afraid of committing to it.

The problem, however, is that it isn’t always any one of these reasons. The problem (and most ladies do not like to hear this but it is my job to help you understand the male psyche so you can find the right man) is that there is something the lady does to turn the man off!

Believe it or not, all the above reasons can quickly be erased and forgotten if you just stopped doing the following four things.

If a man knows that you have the following issues, he will start and keep ignoring you until you go away. You might not realize he is pulling away from you because in your mind everything is working out just fine, but believe me, in his mind, you are not worth the trouble. He is what most women misguidedly do:

1. When He Comes Back Around, He’s Going to Be Confronted

Being ignored by someone you love

Yes, standing up for your rights is all well and good. So is holding people accountable for their actions. But if your man pulled away for some reason or other and then decided to come back, confronting him about it won’t help your course.

Men and women operate differently. There are so many reasons why a man pulls away, most of which have nothing to do with you.

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It doesn’t always mean that he pulls away because he doesn’t like you. Sometimes he does it because:

Any of these reasons could be the reason why he pulled away. They do not have to be the reasons why he STAYS away; those ones have to do with you. And one of the main reasons why men stay away even once they realize that they made a mistake and would like you back is:

When he comes back around, he is going to be confronted about it!

This has everything to do with your character. Maybe you have been a hard ass about certain things in the past and maybe you take this accountability thing too far. The bottom line is, if your man knows that you will want to talk about his reasons for pulling away extensively when he comes back, he WILL NOT COME BACK. He would rather just move on and find another girl.

After all, he can’t very well tell you that the reason he pulled away was because he thought you were being clingy too fast, can he? He will want to spare you that pain and humiliation. But if you keep pushing him about it, he will break and unload on you. Half the time, this unloading will involves painful words. So he stays away!

2. He Ignores You Because You’re Coming Off Way Too Strong

being ignored by someone you love

Couple Having Argument At Home


Let me know if any of this sounds familiar:

  • You two met and he showed a lot of interest
  • In fact, he was the one who was always reaching out and initiating?
  • You two got real close
  • Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he pulls away.
  • You ask why
    • He either tells you some bullshit excuse
    • Or he ghosts you

This sounds completely normal but it’s not. You don’t even realize it but you’re moving fast. I don’t care if he was the one moving fast. WOMEN DO NOT PUNISH MEN FOR IT. That is why he is allowed to do it.

I hear women tell me all the time:

“why are guys allowed to do it? When I reach out and text it’s a red flag but when he does it’s okay.”

That is because guys know you want that. YOU LOVE the validation. You love feeling wanted. That is a woman’s sexual strategy. She loves communication, rapport, depth, and longing.

So why does he do it through if he isn’t interested?

Because he wants to. He’s not going to question his own actions and motives. They’re already justified in his eyes.

Men have a fun time winning woman over. That is what our egos are based on. It doesn’t mean he was necessarily using you. As said before, there are a lot of reasons a guy pulls away.

It’s usually intensity and vibe. It’s all about context. It builds up over time. When he goes 0 to 100 and you follow, well, then it feels like a relationship. He realizes it moved to fast before it was too late.

I have the perfect video explaining this all here:

The problem with that is you begin to come off as desperate. In your haste to catch up with time and to keep your matrimonial schedule, you begin to rush into things and come off to strong. Men do not like that!!

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Desperation in a woman is not attractive, at all!! When you come off as desperate, you will only land:

Men Who Come And Go

Doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. Doesn’t mean he only wanted sex. Maybe he did want you but you came off strong.

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3. He Pulls Away Because He Thinks It Will Give You The Idea He Wants The Same Thing If He Complies

This ties into the previous reason: while you were busy coming on too strong, you told him all the things you want for your future.

Your actions speak louder than your words. And so did his! That’s why he’s pulling away.

Basically, you told him that you wanted him to commit to all this without even knowing it because:

  • Your intensity
  • Actions
  • Too available
  • Eager
  • Intense
  • Blowing up his phone
  • Questioning him
  • Getting too mushy
  • Moving too fast

That probably pushed him away. If he comes back, he is scared that you will read that as a sign that he is ready for those things because, let’s face it, you still haven’t changed your mind about them.

4. It’s More Convenient To Ignore You Because You’re Making It Difficult

Remember reason one? He stays away because he doesn’t want to deal with the confrontation? This is the same thing. He would rather not deal with the all that mess. You are making it too difficult for him to come back and this reminds him why he pulled off in the first place.

Not only that, he feels every time he comes around it’s on of the following:

  • Nagging
  • Arguing
  • Pressure of the relationship
  • It feel like it’s moving towards one
  • Questioning

There is nothing wrong with wanting a relationship. Just don’t do these things the first 6-8 weeks.

If he pulled away once, he can easily do it again. Making him chase you all across the Atlantic just to be with you again might not be the best strategy, despite the fact that you need to play a little hard to get so as not to come off desperate.

It’s a game of finesse. There are ways to make a man want you even more!

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If you play it cool and continue being as hot as you are, he will realize his mistake soon enough and he will be the one begging you for a commitment.

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