Phone Session 

Talk To Me On The Phone (US Only)

Go into depth on your problem and come up with a solution.

  • We Come Up With A Game Plan
  • We Talk About Your Situation In Depth
  • We Go Through What You're Doing Right And Wrong
  • I Tell You Why He Is Doing What He's Doing
  • We Create A Solution Best Suited For You

Give You My Number And We Text For 3-14 Days

Texting Buddies

Text me everything you ever wanted as much as you want!

  • Ask Me Anything and Get A Reply
  • Ultimate Way To Get A Guy
  • Fastest Way To Get Better With Men
  • Learn Everything You Need To Know About Men
  • Personal Accountability Coach
  • Will Use Whatsapp App

Emergency Email Sessions

One Email One Reply

Quick but in depth Reply on Your Problem.

  • I completely break everything down
  • I tell you why things are going the way they're going
  • I give you a gameplan if it's possible
  • In Depth And Lengthy Replies
  • Chance For Audio Upgrade
  • I explain why he's doing what he's doing and if you can even change it