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Are YOU Safe From PLAYERS? Signs You Are About To Be Played Bad!


Guys have all kind of tricks up their sleeves on how to get a woman to want and desire them. And sadly, most of the time, the guys are successful. It’s because they’re good at sweet talking and manipulating a woman in a way that she doesn’t understand. In this article, I am going to show you 5 signs you are about to be played by a player

The “But” or an “Open Ended” response

When you ask him about the kind of relationship he wants or about some commitment to the relationship, he would start giving you what I like to call “But” responses. If he gives you an early disclaimer that he’s not looking for something serious, it’s a hidden code which means he’s not looking for something serious with YOU. Not all women. Just YOU.

What are some examples of “But” responses? Here are a few:

  • “I like you a lot but I am not ready for a relationship but again, I really like you and would hate to end this.”
  • “I am not looking right now but we can still talk and see where it goes.”
  • “I am not ready but when I am you’re going to be the girl I ask.”
  • “Work has me tied up and I am really but if you can stick with me, I date you when I am done.”

He does this because:

(A)- If he comes out and says directly that he wants to bang you, you will cut him off immediately and won’t get fooled by him. Thus he won’t be able to get anywhere with you. In his eyes, there is no logic in being honest.

(B)- He wants a way out. If something serious happens he would walk through it by saying that he was casually dating you and told you from the beginning that he wasn’t looking for anything serious.

Nothing Serious Only “Stipulations”

If he is upfront about the fact that he isn’t looking for a serious relationship, then that is how he is going to end it. Don’t think you’ll be able to fix it or would be able to change his mind in future. It’s very rare that you’re the “chosen one” to change his mind and path.


I know you’re asking yourself: what about the guys who say all the nice things in the beginning?

Well, there are three outcomes:

  • He meant it and you scared him away
  • He didn’t mean it at all and just played you
  • He meant it but there was a better option that came along

Now of course I am only talking about if a guy pulls away. If he said those things and is sticking around and wants a relationship, he likes you (duh).

Too much “Fake” Interest in the beginning

It’s come automatic to men that they should know that they have to put up some effort in order to get in your pants. So in the beginning he’s going to be over the top with it and then it’s going to dial down as the weeks go by. He will praise and pamper you with his fake interests and pretend to listen your opinions and views in everything.

He would do this is because:

(A)- He’s determined to get in your pants and knows the easiest way to get you “swooning” over him is by giving you his attention. He knows you’re seeing if he’s making you a top priority. Watch for that shit.

He is “all talk” but “no action”

Guys will go as far as to talk in this lyrical prose to get in your pants. To charm and amaze you would make you feel special. He knows he has to tell you what you want to hear because you will eat it all up and justify his words saying, “SEEEEE! HE DOES LIKE ME”. You have a like bias and will try to convince yourself he feels the same.

That is why men do a lot of talking and not a lot of action. It’s less work and effort yet women still fall for it. He knows he can talk your barrier down and get you to trust him. He is using your feelings to his advantage.

Online Dating

The people you meet online would probably, want to get laid. He may seem like your charming prince, but don’t fool yourself by thinking you’re the only one. Remember competition is tough. He could be possibly, swiping others while talking to you and won’t limit his options by keeping the doors opened. It would be hard to keep the man to yourself when he has all the women he needs in the palm of his hand.


Tell me what you think ladies. Are there more tricks men use to get you in bed?


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