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Letting Him Go To Get Him Back – Will He Come Back? He Will If You Do These 5 Things

I want to start off saying some good news: Unless you absolutely screwed everything up and burned the bridge, a guy is probably going to come back 80% of the time. If your guy just started pulling away and it wasn’t anything drastic, I am willing to bet you will see him again. From my experience, men will come back around in under a month’s time. If you’re asking, “Will he be back”, I am going to give you 5 things to do in order to better your chances.

Give Him Space In Order To Get Him Thinking

This is very obvious but a lot of women don’t actually do this. They give him the illusion of space. What I mean by this is they pull back but they aren’t cut throat about it. Don’t hover on the outside. You literally have to pull back 100% so he knows what it’s like without you.

At the same time, a lot of women are their own worst enemies. Instead of pulling away, they will try to find ways to make it better which only makes it worse. Listen, if he’s pulling away then there is a reason. Of course he should be open and communicate to you on why but we both know he’s not doing that. That’s why you’re reading this article.

A lot of men give you hints that he needs space but women don’t take the signs and wonder why he’s pulling away completely.

I had a client the other day who had a guy who told her he wanted to text less and see her less. This is him telling her to her face he wants space and that she’s suffocating him. That sounds obvious but the more important thing to understand is it shouldn’t have reached that point. She should have backed off long before. There is a reason he told her that he needed space. It was the stuff being done prior.

The BIGGEST MISTAKE women make is they try to fight it. The worst thing you can do is to try to convince a guy to come back to you after he made the decision to pull away. His brain is in the pull away mindset so if you try to tell him no, it’s going to create tension and that’s the last thing you want. You need to letting him go to get him back and act as if you don’t give a shit. You will have a lot more success that way.

Letting Him Go to Get Him Back

Let Him Miss You If You Want Him To Return

Going further into what I said above, you have to pull away completely to let him miss you. Hovering around on the outside, liking his statuses, and opening his Snapchats only shows him he still has you around his finger and that you’re not going anywhere. If that is the case then why should he be in such a rush to come back to you? There is no penalty for him pulling away. He knows he can pull away and do what he wants because if he did want you back he knows you’re waiting for him at the door like a sad puppy. Don’t give off that vibe. Pull away completely so his brain can see the bigger contrast between you being in his life and you gone.

Men are like women. He’s going to think about you from time to time. He’s going to be reminded of you whether he’s alone on a saturday night, or he sees something that puts you in his head, he’s going to start missing you. But he can’t get that feeling if you’re still around.

Create Opportunity To Get Him Wanting You

While I don’t think you should ever reach out to a guy when he pulls away, I do believe that you should make him miss you. Post pictures of you having fun and hanging out. Let mutual friends know you’re doing well. You need to speed up the process. Men are visual creatures so if he sees you’re having fun and looking good, he’s going to be upset because he used to have that.

Here is the sad and pathetic truth no man talks about: It’s about you vs him and his ego. If he feels like you’re “winning” and having fun while he’s still single and doing whatever, he’s going to be envious and reach out to you. We always do. Men are prideful. He’s going to realize he had it good and wants to make it better.

The biggest upset in life is regret so he’s going to reach out if you’re looking good and smiling.

Bend Don’t Break When A Guy Pulls Away

There are going to be times you want to text him on his birthday or the holidays and feel that is’t a good idea because you’re being nice. DO NOT DO IT! He pulled away. He doesn’t deserve your gratitude and warm gestures.

Pretend To Move On If You Want Him Back

Wrapping this all up, you have to play a role. The role of the woman who doesn’t give a fuck. That means you have to commit and play all parts. Not just not texting him. But talking to other guys, posting pictures of you having a good time, never folding, letting your mutual friends know you’re good and dating, and so on.

As I said earlier. It’s him vs you. That is the mindset a lot of men have and if you didn’t do anything wrong and he just pulled away because you either came off strong or he wasn’t sure of you, then he will come back around. But if you sit there in misery and hope for him to come back and he can tell by your sappy Facebook posts, there is no way in hell he will give you another chance. He’s going to think he made the right decision and stay away. You have to play the part. If you don’t then he will never commit because he’s going to treat you casually. He’s going to come around when HE WANTS because he knows he can. He knows you’re crazy about him and will give him his spot back in line despite treating you like shit. There must be a penalty for his actions.

Extra Questions/ FAQS On If He Will Come Back:

What if he doesn’t come back?

Then congrats you can move on! In all seriousness, don’t stress about it. Easier said than done but don’t become your worst enemy. As I said prior, if you didn’t make a lot of mistakes, the likelihood of him coming back is greatly in your favor. I know because it happened to me more than I like to admit.

What if there is another woman?

97% of women are in the same boat you’re in or they at least get in that boat. I can’t tell you how many women I know who you’d think are perfect just by looking at them who make the same mistakes you do. Only 3% of women get it right so if he is with a girl, it’s not going to last.

What if I made huge mistakes already?

The past is the past. The worse thing you can do is bring it up, apologize about it, talk about it, or anything like that. Attraction is created by moving forward and progression. If you do get the chance to see him again then focus on that. Most of the time, the damage you did do fades with time.


What's going on everybody? It's your favorite dating coach, Elliot Scott! I am a 32-year-old who loves to read, write, and play games. Yes, I have a life outside of giving advice :)

1,597 thoughts on “Letting Him Go To Get Him Back – Will He Come Back? He Will If You Do These 5 Things

  1. Elliotttttt! I went crazy several times & did the wrong things, he’s backed off but still texts once per day. I think he’s hitting up other girls (he defs likes their stuff on Instagram and comments with 🔥 and 🥀) but I want him back with the same intensity as earlier on! What do I do? And I’m so tempted to block him & end it, thinking he’s hitting up girls is driving me crazy!

    1. WTF? He still texts you once a day?! Lucky you! Why don’t you count your blessings! I sneeze and guys ignore me for life. Just ignore him for a while, you have a great chance of getting him back if you disappear. I don’t, they just don’t care if I disappear or not. In fact they celebrate 🙁

      1. sound great …i also feel the same .. sometimes i am wonder why i still care and love them even they dont bother me much
        god please me why


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  2. I have a friend who I subtly chased all summer and have since hooked up with twice. I found out he was texting other women, probably sleeping with them as well. He never gave me any illusions that we were exclusive but I had hoped. He was honest with me from the beginning. Before anything ever happened between us he said he wasn’t ready for anything serious. He had recently gotten out of a relationship with a pushy woman. Before that, his extra wife of 17 years was also controlling. After I found out about the other women, I sent some needy texts. He did tell me he liked me and could hang out and apologized. I ended the text conversation with ‘It’s my fault, I knew you weren’t interested but I chose to ignore it’. That was 9 days ago and he hasn’t responded. However, I saw him 6 days ago and he was flirty and went out of his way twice during the day to come over and rub my shoulder and chat with me. He is also liking ALL my Instagram posts. Even on my business page. I’ve pulled away since my last text and was aloof when I saw him in person. I’m not engaging on his social media. I don’t understand why he would be all over my social media if he wasn’t interested. But he’s not contacting me directly. Unless we see each other in person. I’d like to know how long it could take for him to decide he is indeed interested in a relationship. There is a party in 2 weeks which we are both invited to and I don’t know if I should go or stay scarce. I’m quite upset about the whole thing as I have developed feelings for him. We have many mutual friends and see each other at least once a month. He is very attentive and flirty when he’s around me and is always finding some way to touch me. He will go to events he knows I’ll be at. How long before he notices I’ve pulled away and what are the chances he’ll pursue me when he does?

    1. Maybe he just want to hook up with you…men is unpredictable..we really dont know what on his mind as every time and every situation he is different. Its better not to invest any emotions to someone who is not into you…you will just end up heartbroken all the time..it happened to me and am tired 🙁

  3. My freind introduced me to this guy and we started texting a lot. I let him contact me more. Then out of nowhere he stopped. We have lots of Comon interests and it felt good. Anyways, I contacted him after a 3 day period and he just flat out said ” i dont want a relationship right now”I never even mentioned one, I was trying to get to know him. So Ok, a few days later I’m out living my life happily and he’s always watching my snaps and I reach out and he came over. We had a seriously hot steamy make out session. I didn’t act all clingy or anything and he got cold again. Ok, then christmas eve he contacts me after me letting it go and asks to be FWB, at first i was upset, but we had great sexual chemistry. So i said ok. So ive texted him every couple days leading up to whats supposed to be yesterdays hook up and he started acting flaky again. So finally i called him out on it, I was compassionate though, and he said he was sorry about this and he said he doesn’t want anyone or anything with anyone right now. This greatly confused me. Here’s where I messed up. I been upset about the flakiness but he’s not like , I don’t think he’s a player, a perv yes but he’s ackward and cute, collects antiques, plays shuffleboard on Mondays and has a old soul.oh one more thing I said look I know you been hurt (my freind told me) but I know when a guy wants something he goes for it. He said “and I’m just not going for it right now”. Anyways this was Friday night. Now it’s Sunday and I made a mistake. I messaged him saying I think he should take me fishing. I did this knowing it was a bad move, but I guess it’s my way of saying I’m not terribly angry. I feel like I ruined any chance of him coming back if he is just in a place right now mentally that’s causing him to keep backing out. I feel like I beat a dead horse and I’m hating myself for it. What do i say or do if he even messages me back? I feel like a stage 5 clinger now and look desperate to boot. Please help me!!

    1. Yup, you wrecked it! Men need to do the pursuing and he’s felt you pursuing him since the beginning. He likes the attention and wants sex with you but knows you will become clingy, so he knows better than to even hook up with you!

      You need to take all of your focus off of him and go out and have fun, do things you like to do, and dont use your social media to try to drop hints or play ga es, it’s very unattractive behavior! Be mysterious and private. Do your own thing. Stop obsessing! There are so many options for you, and way better ones than this guy!

  4. Elliot, I found the information very helpful. I am in a situation – I am sure I cannot be the only one in this situation. I have a friend, and over the last year we talked (texted actually – I am married) a LOT. I realized my husband never had time for me or cared how I was feeling or what I was thinking , but my friend was always there to listen and encourage me. It was a wake up call for me and I realized things I had been burying and missing in my marriage. I really started to fall for him. Not just because he was there at that time, but because he really is everything that means anything to me in a man. After a few months, I did tell him how I felt about him. Why? I don’t know. I guess I figured he could tell anyway. He felt uncomfortable because he also knew my husband (through me) and didn’t want to be in the middle. He said he liked me, but he felt to get too personal with me was disrespectful to my husband. I understand and felt bad for putting him in that position. Over the past year my marriage has deteriorated and I am now in the process of divorce. It hurts, and my friend was not the reason. He really was just a wake up call for me. But honestly, I am completely in love with him, I don’t know how to know if he has any feelings for me that way? We text talk (he i s long distance) and he knows now where my husband and I are at. There are lots of details that I am not able to include due to time, but I am sure he cares about me. Most of our relationship last year was by messages because of the distance and convenience. He has always encouraged me to keep going after my dreams, to take chances and go after the things that will make me happy, regardless of the risk. We have only talked, never touched in any way. I saw him two weeks ago (I brought my horse to him for training) and I felt the same connection I had last year when I saw him. His gaze kept locking on mine when we would talk, even when he was talking to my husband. I could not keep from looking at his eyes when we would talk. When we left, I looked at him and said “thank you” so sincerely. The day was awesome for me. He reached out and gave me a hug two armed embrace. He had never done that. Last weekend I was up there alone, working with him and getting some instruction with my horse. I had another really fun day, and it was great because I was able to meet several of his friends and watch him work with other people. I am comfortable meeting and being around people I don’t know, so I think it was good for him to see me interacting on my own with his friends. I am not clingy or insecure that way. When it was time for me to leave, as I was saying goodbye, we talked a little (nothing serious – I am still married), but I was just going to leave and he initiated another hug. Last year he never did this, and he did not hug any of his friends when they left that day. Being a horse trainer, many of his friends are women because we are the ones with the horses. So, does this mean anything? He is a very stand up guy and I understand he does not want to be involved in a breakup of a marriage I also think that he would never express any feelings in this situation. but I am trying to read into it and see if there is something? He is the one that initiated physical contact, and it wasn’t a church hug. Is he just showing he cares? And how can I win this guys heart? He is single and very much looking for someone to share his life with. We share many of the same passions, and our love to help people is very similar. If you have any input, I appreciate it.

  5. Elliott i need your advice. My bf and I have been together or 1 year and a half and the first year was rocky for us as he doesnt talk about feelings very well with me.. We have had a really good 3 and half past months and on the weekend we had a horrible blow up fight. Things have been off ever since as he has been distant and almost no effort in his part to push forward. I feel like he is done with mwand ita killing me inside.. what do i do to help him realise thay isnt the answer so we can moce forward

    1. 1. Stop contacting him. 2. Relax and trust that he will choose you. If he feels that you do not trust him to fill the role of man and pursue, reach out, make plans, then he will back off.

      The feminine role is to receive, lean back, experience, and share your feelings.

      Men need space to think and make their own decisions. You can never cajole a man into doing what you want him to. Give him space to be the man. Stop trying to control the outcome. When you are anxious, initiating and pursing, he gets turned off and pulls away. If you give him space to miss you, and trust him to come back to you, receive him warmly when he does, you can rebuild the trust that you’ve lost. In the meantime stay busy doing things you love and try to have faith! Do not reach out to him.

  6. So! I was in a two and a half year with this guy that my whole being just tells me is the one. We get along super well, we are very understanding of one another, we make each other laugh and are genuinely good influences in each other’s lives. We broke up back in November and we were working on starting over and leaving the past in the past, but word got out and a friend caused an issue that made h back off. He became less confident in the relationship due to almost losing his best friend and we talked and he’s at a point in his life where he needs his best friend rn more than a girlfriend which I understand. We saw each other a few days ago and it all went very well and we both mentioned that we’re gonna figure out whatever is between us in the future. I am scared he won’t come back but I gave him permission to be a part of my life I’m the future. He does still love me and care for me and want to be with me, but the fear of losing his best friend has gotten the best of him. Is it wrong for me to keep hope? Idk how to describe it but my body just knows that we’re mesnt to be in each other’s lives, but of course I am scared. Is there anything I can do??

  7. My bf asked for space last night because i became clingy and overbearing after our first fight few days prior.
    For those first days he reassured me he wasn’t gonna leave but I still panicked and kept messaging so that’s
    The reason he asked for space. Is there a chance he will come back??

    1. The advise in this article is priceless. I am in love with a very stubborn man, however, he took a full year to realize he loved me, and I went through him pulling back often. All the while I was there, like a sap. He finally came around after I had had enough and said I could not just be his friend- cut off my friendship all means, he went nuts apparently and a week later text me with full bluster, we became a couple after that- a little rocky because it was long distance and a few arguments here and there- he was back to taking me for granted. I finally ended it a week ago and have cut him completely out of my life. He would need to put in some serious effort to get me back. Do I love this man? Absolutely, whole heartedly, deeply and miss him like air- but having him forget me hurts too often and I am worth remembering. If he does not put in the effort this time, he will lose me forever. You have to stick to your principles, keep your head up. I chased this man for far too long and it always got me to a position where he thought he could just ignore me, forget me or think I would always be there regardless of the lack of effort he was putting into us. Everything else to him came first, I was last on his list and we are all worth being far more important than that. It is not easy not hearing his voice, not getting his texts (because he is blocked) I am so tempted to unblock and check how he is doing, to open up the freeway of communication even though I know his pride will first text me a nasty little message. If he loves me, truly loves me- he will find a way, otherwise, I just need to move on.

        1. Hello there there! This site publish couldn’t be composed any far better! Looking at this article reminds me of my prior roommate! He often stored discussing this. I’ll forward this publish to him. Pretty sure he will likely have a very good examine. Thanks for sharing!

    2. my boyfriend of 5 yrs did tht to me and eventialy broke up with me officially.. space is hralthy in a relationship but be careful.i realized he was a serious relationship with another girl for the 3 months before he eventually broke up with me . it hurts soo much .. but i thanl God been able to be strong never to contact

  8. Hey Elliot, so he finally texted and even called (I didn’t pick). Since he messaged, we’ve been talking nonstop for three days and now he asked me what I’ve been up to which I replied just resting from stress and he joked about who/what is stressing me that he’ll get ppl to deal with the person. So I laughed it off and came honest that someone is actually stressing me but I’ll be alright, and he said okay, if I say so. Pls, have I made a mistake in letting him know I’ve actually been thinking about him and all that?

  9. so i want to understand something. everything was good, but he went quite for 4 days. i did exactly as you said and gave him space and moved on. he later came back. he claims he had a problem with his phone. however during the silence i did a little under cover INVESTIGATION and found out he was active on social media…don’t judge i was desperate for an answer. so now we planned a date to talk about that issue…should i mention the fact that i know that he was active during the so called silent treatment or how do i go about with this conversation. because i want him to know that i know that he is LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Honestly four days isn’t that long, depending on how long you have been seeing each other. If it has been more than three or four solid dates you could do one of the below:

      It does show you aren’t a priority to him:

      If I liked him: say something like “Hey, thanks so much for the text, sorry to hear. I actually think it would be better if we each pursued other options, I prefer to be courted in a more consistent way, this is quite early for incompatibilities to appear. Best of luck!”

      If I didn’t really care: say something like “Ha, I tell you what. I will pretend I believe that if you agree to help me out with something. I’ve got a laser tag game with all my friends in two weeks but I have never been before. How about you let me practice shooting you Saturday so I can look good for them. You in?

  10. AFter dating a guy for a year even though we were perfect and he says I have everything and loves me very much, he says he doesn’t think I’m “the one” for him. After the break up we didn’t speak for months, then I got weak and reached out to him and now for a few months we are acting like we are together but we aren’t and he is still in the same mind frame of me not being the one. If I leave him and give him space will he just move on and get over me or is there any way a man will change his mind about the whole not the one thing when they are away from you? I feel lost and confused, he says I can expose to continue this fake relationship but we are 26 now so it’s up to me to continue or to leave and I don’t know what to do. Sometimes I feel if I keep him he might have an aha moment, other time I feel nope he’s fixated on it and it won’t happen so I should leave him and maybe it happens?

  11. My boyfriend broke up with me last night because he said he wasn’t ready to be in a relationship but at the time he said he was ready. He’s going through a lot of stuff and it’s bad, and he said he doesn’t want a relationship and just wants to work on himself, and not focus on another person on top of that. I was moving to Florida so I guessed that caused some tension in our relationship. He broke up with me out of the blue, things were great from what I could tell. He says he still cares about me a lot and that’s why he decided to end our relationship. He still wants to talk regularly and be friends. He said he needs to work on himself and he doesn’t know how long that’ll be and he strictly wants to be friends for now to sort his life out. I know he genuinely cares about me, but I want to know if I can get him back after I give him space?

  12. I’m pregnant, had the first scan last week, my boyfriend came with me and was supportive, he was just as happy and excited as me when we saw our little baby on the screen.
    A few days pass, he starts going out, getting drunk, staying out all night and not messaging me to let me knoww he’s okay…
    I leave him to it as I feel it’s only natural he’s probably scared and needs time with his friends.
    A few days pass and I get a gut feeling I’m no longer what he wants… The next day he messages me saying he doesn’t know if he feels the same…
    We meet that same day to talk things out, I ask him what he meant by it and he said he didn’t mean it ‘we sorted things out’. I still sensed that something wasn’t right, we went out for food and it was just awkward, the conversation then carried on, he was asking me what would happen if we did break up, asking how it would work with the baby, I was in shock, he’s clearly leaning towards breaking up with me, I asked him if there was someone else, he said no, but would I want to know if there was, I obviously said yes I need to know if yoy think you can have something better with someone else… he swore blind that there was no one else and acted offended that I didn’t trust him, however he refused to show me his phone when I asked for peace of mind…
    He’s gone to stay at his mums for a few days, he’s said he still loves me but he’s not sure how he feels anymore, “something just doesn’t feel the same” I’m really scared, friends keep saying he will be scared about the baby but I think there’s more to it than that, I think there’s someone else, it sounds silly but I’m no longer his sc best friend, and he’s suddenly best friends with some other girl we both work with who just happens to of been on a couple of the nights out he’s been on…
    I don’t know what to do, I can’t eat, drink or sleep, I don’t know how I will cope without him, everything has always been so amazing with us both, we never argue and this is all out of nowhere, I really want him to come back to me but I’m terrified he won’t…

  13. I was in a happy relationship for four months. We lost our virginity to each other. He told me he loved me first and said it was love at first sight. We’re seniors in high schools but go to different schools. Everything was or at least seemed perfect. He said I had made home ant a relationship because I’m the beginning, he had just wanted a casual one.
    Last Friday he randomly broke up with me saying it’s not right for us anymore. He didn’t lose feelings for me jsut for Jacob a relationship. He didn’t see his mind changing and said this was probably it. It was completely random because I saw him Tuesday for our four month anniversary and then Wednesday for national boyfriend day. Two days later he’s distant and saying he needs to be on his own at this point in his life.

  14. My ex and I were together for 6 years and have a child together. He keeps telling me to let him go and to move forward as he doesn’t want a relationship with me. But he’s told me that if I back off and leave him alone to have thinking space and stuff like that he’ll consider stuff. However today he’s turned around and told me that he didn’t want to even marry me to commit to each other (we were engaged before we broke up). I moved my entire life to be with him and moved from one part of the country to the other, to be a family. I’ve tried changing his mind. He doesn’t want to be with me be. He wants to be friends for the sake of our son. It hurts so much because I was planning our life together. I’m not sure if I even want him back because he’s hurt me so much. I have gone crazy. Texting him, calling him even his friends begging him to come back. Yet he refuses. How do I get over him and will he change his mind and come back??

  15. My bf and I dated for 8 months and everything seemed perfectly fine.. I hadn’t seen him in a couple weeks but he reassured me everything was ok.. I got a bit clingy because I felt him pull away but he ended up asking for a break and so I gave him space and he got mad at me and has lashed out twice when I gave him space.. he ended up breaking up with me about a month after and we’ve been broken up for about a month now but stayed relatively in contact.. he lashed out again when I posted videos hanging out with friends saying I’m “purposely trying to piss him off” but I really was t; the videos were harmless.. he told me he had some of my stuff but never followed up to give it back that weekend.. I’ve decided to take this advice and not contact him until he contacts me.. someone close to him told me he’s been listening to a really sad break up song a lot lately and he ignored my last text, which is fine.. I just want to know: do you think he’ll come back and he’s starting to miss me? I thought about sending an apology text about how I’m sorry for not respecting his space and that he’s right but idk what to do.. How long do I wait.. please help thank you!

  16. my boyfriend of 5 yrs did tht to me and eventialy broke up with me officially.. space is hralthy in a relationship but be careful.i realized he was a serious relationship with another girl for the 3 months before he eventually broke up with me . it hurts soo much .. but i thanl God been able to be strong never to contact

  17. Hi, This is amazing tips honestly. So in my case, I have been seeing a Lawyer for the past 7 years, we broke up for almost 2 years and decided to work things out again as we have a child together. But lately he has been distant and the excuse is that he says we are not a priority now his priority is to make money so that he can buy me and the child a house and take of us in the future. We hardly communicate, I hardly see him and this is making me feel insecure. I love this guy so much and don’t want to lose him. How do I get his attention?

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  19. Hi Elliot,
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  21. So I‘ve been dating someone for the past year and half straight. We’ve never stopped talking before up until the past Thursday when he told me that he needed space. I didn’t beg or plead him to stay which is a good thing I guess, but I’m just really afraid that he’s not going to come back

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  25. My boyfriend and I had been together for ten years. Started seeing eachother at 18 after he liked since 13. We have never broken up before. He has always been so mad about me and never had any doubts in relationship. We moved in together after nearly 9 years together because we were both in college and internships etc. A few weeks ago he said he wanted time apart and I questioned it and he said he said he was having doubts about the future, etc and that I didn’t know if I wanted children and I always wanted to travel and he didn’t. I was shellshocked. He never showed any indication of anything wrong previous to this. I was shocked and didn’t know how to react as we never had any major problems. I kept at him and he came back to apartment later that week and said he didn’t know if he felt the same about me. He has always said I’m gorgeous and perfect and have a good job etc. We are very compatible we have the same personaltijtes and sense of humour. He basically said I couldn’t do the break so we had to break up. He previously said that we could take a break and then start again in a different apartment etc. So I kept contacting him to sort it out and he didn’t want to and we met twice more but he said he didn’t want to work it out because there’s no point and that absence makes the heart grow fonder and time apart would be good but it seems so final to me. I’m totally heartbroken. I just keep crying. I haven’t messaged him since we last saw each other but I know he won’t message me or reach out. He has changed so much. I’m close with his family and his dad called me and my dad to see how I was and that my ex is acting so strange and not himself. I don’t know what to do or think. I definitely want a future with him. We always spoke about marriage and building house. Never would have imagined this would happen. I think I pushed him away when he asked for the break. But I didn’t know how to react. I think he’s very confused or there’s something more going on. We’re both 27/28. I have to move now and leave my job now. I can’t move home where he has moved (we’re from the same area) as all my friends have moved away and I can’t stay where we were living because I don’t know many people. My life has totally changed.

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  27. I rated this guy for over 2 years and then I started distancing myself and not treating him well because I had gone through something (it’s bad) and I broke up with him and told him I needed space. He then started texting me and asking me if we would get back together and I would say idk and I told him to stop taking to me. I was being a shitty person. 5 months pass and I was still ignoring him. Weeks after that we hung out and he told me he was going autopilate without me. Then we hung out and then we were going to hang out again and then he told me he couldn’t do it (a relationship) and that it didn’t feel right. He then said we should be friends. But I was already emotionally in. And that broke my heart and I asked him if he would try again and he said no, and the I proceeded to ask him if eventually he could see us back together and he said no and I asked why and he said because he doesn’t want to get hurt. He said to let him go. And then I told him if we could be friends and I asked if he still loved me and he said honestly I don’t know. And now we’re being friends and then I said goodnight and then he said goodnight and then yesterday I didn’t text him and he texted me telling me that he was sorry that he couldn’t text because he was working. What does that mean?

  28. Man do I have a relationship story for u and I really could use some help. I have been in a FWB relationship for about five months and I have ended up catching feelings for this man who is around 20 some years younger than me. I couldn’t help but care for him and I’ve only told him that I cared what happens to him but I actually care so much it’s killing me that I cannot be in his life permanently. The only thing is that my actions have more than likely shown him what a dumbass I am because I’d figure he knows exactly how I feel about him. He has met a girl and evidently has started spending all his free time with her but I do know that he did care for me more than just a friend. He met me in Feb.and told me he was getting close to someone else and that he didn’t want to loose touch with me but he couldn’t trust himself to just be around me as a friend without wanting the benefits. I tried to get over him and was having no contact with him but he finally in Feb. had called and wanted to talk I guess, to tell me why he hadn’t been around. I had an accident at his house when he was talking to me about the girl he is now seeing but I have kept in touch with him and even sometimes he has not even text me back when I text him. But then out of the blue he calls one day and I don’t answer his call and when I text him back he says he was going to come by and see me but I didn’t answer phone when he called. So he tells me he might be my way in the next few days and will come by. On the day he was supposed to come by I waited and then finally asked by text if he was still coming by and he replies that he wishes he could but he can’t. That kinda pissed me off so I got smart and told him I wasn’t his sugar doll. I have texted him recently and asked him if he is ever my way to stop by and visit and he tells me he will but haven’t heard from him in few days and he is still with girl. I want to see him so bad, if nothing else to talk to him bc when I had my accident I didn’t get the chance to talk to him about the girl he’d started dating. Like I said earlier there is a big age difference between us but I cannot get him out of my head. I’m afraid that I’m in love with him and need someone to tell me what to do or if they think I have a chance with him. He seems to like the girl he’s dating a lot so I guess I’m just shit out of luck.

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