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Why Does My Boyfriend Text Other Girls – 5 Brutal Reasons

You are in what you feel is a happy relationship, only to discover that your man is texting other girls behind your back! This happens with many couples but it doesn’t mean that it has to be the end. There could be a lot more to this situation than him being a pig, even though sometimes it simply is that unfortunately. Let’s answer the question why does my boyfriend text other girls to give you a better insight into how his mind is working.

He’s losing interest

Well I did say brutal and you can’t get much more brutal than this. Sometimes, guys will text other girls because they are simply not that into you anymore. It’s the coward’s way out of course but it does happen. Look to see if his attention is fading in other ways too, like if he stops noticing the effort you make with your appearance or he makes excuses not to hang out with you as often. The fact he is losing interest doesn’t mean he is not into you at all. However, he’s texting other girls to see what else is available. If your man falls into this category, it’s probably a relationship that is doomed to failure anyway so it’s best break it off before he can.

He has insecurities

Something might have happened in past relationship that is making him not value himself in your relationship together. He is seeing himself as not being worth it, so he’s self sabotaging the relationship as a way to not be in one anymore.. His low ego means that he is seeking attention elsewhere because in his eyes, attention from 2 or more women, is better than attention from just 1.

He probably doesn’t even plan on doing anything with these other girls, he’s just intensely craving that confidence boost and doesn’t know how else to get it.

Perhaps he even is paranoid that you are cheating on him due to previous heartbreak (this happens VERY often. Too often sadly where he feels people are going to cheat therefore he has to cheat before you do), which is making him want to do the same. If this is the reason your boyfriend is texting other girls, it is possible to get through it. He isn’t a total slimeball, he just has issues that need to be worked through. If you are very much in love with this guy then maybe you can work things out together but is things are relatively new, it might not be worth the hassle.

He thinks he can get away with it

 Why Does My Boyfriend Text Other Girls - 5 Brutal Reasons
Why Does My Boyfriend Text Other Girls – 5 Brutal Reasons

Talking to other girls when he knows it’s technically “wrong” gives him a thrill. He thinks you won’t find out so he figures, “Why not do it?”

Whether he is simply flirting with other women via text message, planning to physically cheat or even doing it already – it’s because he thinks he can. Men often think with one part of their body because the other part is emotionally damaged! A pretty girl giving him attention is too hard to resist because as he sees it, variety is the spice of life.

These kind of cheaters are even more sneaky with what they do. He will be VERY careful not to get caught. He will delete emails, text messages and do everything in his power to stop you getting your hands on his phone. He might even start being extra attentive to you in an attempt to throw you off the scent. Your boyfriend will think he is being sneaky with all he’s doing in this technique but he’s actually drawing more attention to the fact he isn’t being honest with you.

He’s always trying to fill a void

If you are wondering why does my boyfriend text other girls, It might be because something is missing from your relationship or within him as a person. Maybe he likes you but something just doesn’t feel “right” to him. Perhaps it is as harsh as you not being his type as much as you could be, whether based on looks or personality. Maybe you two just kind of fell into a relationship together but it isn’t what he truly wants. He is keeping you hanging on but he’s still trying to find something better in the meantime. The void of course, could be that he isn’t mentally ready for a serious relationship. Guys can have just as many issues as girls and if that’s the case, maybe he is the type of person who is only cut out for something casual which isn’t right for you.

He doesn’t see the penalty of it

You likely absolutely adore this man and he 100% knows it. He thinks that if you find out about him texting other girls, it will not make much difference to your relationship anyway. He assumes you are going to forgive and forget, which is when he’ll probably do the same thing all over again. He basically sees you as a push-over and this isn’t something that you should stand for. These kind of MEN never change and if your boyfriend falls into this category, you need to see him for what he is before you fall even more in love with him. Show him that there is a penalty for his dumb actions, when you move onto a guy who is 10 times the man he is!

Other Reasons Your Boyfriend Is Texting Other Girls

The various reasons of why your boyfriend is texting other girls, shows there is a lot more going on in his head than what you realize. While your relationship COULD be saved, it really depends on why he is betraying you in this way. Sometimes, simply talking to him can work to solve the situation, in other cases counselling might be necessary. Most of the reasons that have been mentioned however are just bad choices and show how selfish he is as a person. Every situation is different of course, but just remember that you don’t deserve to be treated this way. There are many men out there who will be yours and yours only, so aim to find them instead of the jerks!



What's going on everybody? It's your favorite dating coach, Elliot Scott! I am a 32-year-old who loves to read, write, and play games. Yes, I have a life outside of giving advice :)

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          1. Same here. And he is the only person who knows. Be careful mine is so bad he takes advantage of the times im at my worst and cant do things normally that way he knows the coast is clear. Its absolutely shocking

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  1. Dealing with this situation now after thinking everything was great! I never suspected him of lying or cheating and I feel like a fool. The worst part is I can never love or trust him the way I did before, it changed me and I really miss what we had or at least what I thought we had.

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  2. Thank you for this, now tell me how to catch him. I am a truth seeker and a need to know kinda girl.

    1. I am in same situation. Unfortunately for him he asked me to remember something. Which I did. It just happened to be his password for FB. Interesting reading. Devastating too.

  3. I have been dating this guy for three years. Last year I found out that he was texting other women making out that he is single and one of the women he was dating just before me. I confronted him, at first he lied until I showed him proof from the screenshot that the other sent to me and his excuse was that he was drunk! Two months down the line I found out that he was texting another woman on instagram asking to meet up. Making out he was single. Anyway he apologised and we started working through it but I had difficulty trusting him and he kept telling me that I needed to trust him more. Anyway I gave it my best shot but the paranoia got the best of me a lot of times. This year I bumped into one of the woman from insta that he follows and he liked all her pics, I asked him 2 years before if they had dated before he said no that they were friends and that this woman was weird..etc
    After I bumped into her, I didnt say anything then. I texted him and told him I bumped into Amanda**! He’s reaction was so strange and he started saying to me yeah Amanda** is having trouble in her relationship she keep going back to her cheated boyfriend.. etc…
    His behaviour raised my suspicions because how would you know so much about this woman. So I got in touch with her on social network and asked her if she knew Phil** and she told me that they used to date and that Phil** is still in touch with her and always wants to meet up with her and told her that he is single and have never met someone decent enough like her and he misses the fun and connection that he had with her. Anyway we had a row about that but I couldnt be bothered to have a proper fight as it happened before! He apologised and told me he would never do this again! The issue I have now everytime I see him online early in the morning I get paranoid and think he is flirting to another woman. When I confront him he denies it he says to get over the past, I am immature, I am paranoid, I am bipolar, he has spoken to woman 10 years my junior that is more mature than me. I cannot talk to my friends and family about this as I feel embarassed. I dont know if I am in the wrong to feel paranoid or I am being manipulated emotionally to be made feel guilty?

    1. It really sounds like you need to end your relationship with the guy and block him so that you are no longer exposed to seeing anything from him. It sounds like he is just lying to you because he thinks you will forgive him even when you know the truth. You’ve spelt it out above various times. He’s obviously had other relationships with women behind your back and so he’s not just texting them, he’s actively pursuing women and having relationships with them behind your back. You don’t need him in your life, he will be a drain on you emotionally, you can’t trust him so you are better off without him. You may have low self-esteem because you said you are bi-polar. It sounds like he is just taking advantage of you because he feels that you won’t stick up for yourself, to be clear about what you accept or don’t accept, because you write about him as if you are still with him, even though you know he’s cheated on you. You deserve better. It’s hard to split up with someone if you love them but you said it yourself, you can’t trust him. You need to love yourself first, and to be clear about what you accept in a loving relationship that works both ways, where you feel that you are loved and respected first before you give yourself and your emotional investment to any other person. It’s hard to deal with the emotional pain of feeling like you’ve lost the person you love, and invested your emotions and time into being with, but as long as you are clear that you value yourself and your own emotional needs to be true to your own emotional needs, and that you respect your own boundaries to protect yourself against any person who might use you or cheat on you or abuse you, then you will realise that you deserve better. It will be hard to get used to being on your own after being dependent on someone being there, but if he’s already cheated on you and lied to you, then you need to be strong in yourself, and tell yourself that there is better out there. There is, you will find someone one day, who is right for you and you will know it. The future is out there, waiting for you to make the most of it. If you are stuck in a relationship with someone who is cheating on you, that is not good for you emotionally and will make you feel emotionally drained and depressed, so you will feel better in the long term if you ditch this guy.
      I hope you will find the strength within you to work on yourself and your own self-esteem. Your relationship with this guy is your private life, so you don’t need to talk to your friends or family. Just remove him from your life, block him and live your own life, and find your own inner strengths and work on them. You will thank yourself in the long term.
      Good luck and take care and all the best.

    2. Sweetheart, your comment was almost a year ago now and I hope by now that you have left him. You deserve so much more and better than what you are getting. He is going to keep doing it and will not stop. Please find someone who treats you with respect and like the queen you are. Take care of you and what you want in life. Life is short, don’t waste it on a bellend
      Sending love ❤ Sarah x

    3. Run for the hills. You don’t deserve that, and based on the article, at this point he will keep doing it because there are no real consequences. Save yourself.

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  4. If he decides to text this particular girl even after he’s been told multiple times to not talk to her, does that mean he is interested in her and not me? We have had situation in the past where he was texting with her and when I found out about it they secretly started to text. Also, now that they go to same college they exachanged numbers once again and started texting again. I am loosing my mind.

  5. Samantha…
    You ALREADY know the truth you seek. DON’T waste your time trying to obtain proof. The dynamics of the relationship have already been significantly altered RIGHT & no matter what you’ll never fully regain the trust you once had for this person. That’s REALITY. He OWNS the decision he chose. That decision violated the sanctity of your TRUST. Once either partner does THIS to the other, it’s a done DEAL. It’s like taking a can of spray paint & writing “I’m a selfish asshole who only thinks of myself” on a freshly painted wall in your house. Violating someone’s trust is EVERYTHING. Any relationship worth having is based on TRUST that’s the main block in the foundation. If the trust is gone so is the RESPECT. You CAN’T have one without the OTHER.
    Really KNOW YOUR WORTH & move ON.
    Life’s to short & to precious to waste when there’s someone out there who WON’T cheat & play fucked up head games.
    Make yourself available for that person and the rest will be history.

    1. I dont know who need to hear this but honestly speaking men ain’t reliable, they are worst creature on earth, imagine trusting this dude with all my life and all l have not knowing he’s after money,l disclose everyting to him untill l discovered he makes some calls secretly with a lady from Kentucky,Dude hes sharp in denying things,that’s what prompted me to hire this ethical hacker via email: Samsmithcyberhost@gmail.com, he get me all his phone call records and whatsapp messages,it was so heartbreaking though.
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  6. My boyfriend sends other girls friend requests that he doesn’t even know and texts them through facebook and insta saying hey and giving them compliments but he erases the messages. I’ve already asked him and told him that hurts my feelings when he does that but he just asks me to forgive him and he wont do ot again. We also have a one year old and I’m not sure what to do anymore. He also thinks I’m also texting other men when I’m not.

  7. You said it Badlands Babe! Literally JUST happened to me for a 2nd time & I’m done. It happened once 3 months ago & I excused it away cuz I wanted to be with him but this time he can get the **** on. Any man who can’t be trusted must be banished. Fool me once-shame on you. fool me twice -shame on ME!

  8. I’m going through this right now. I literally loosing my shit over it. I feel like I’m drown and pretending like I’m not. In the past, I caught my bf texting other girls . In the beginning of our relationship . I was so dumb. He was snap chatting this girl he use to talk to and he didn’t know how much I actually new about the girl . He lied of course and was like oh I was just telling her I’m in a relationship now . Blah blah . It didnt sit right with me at all. A years later I ending up find this Facebook with a fake name and his photo and I was some how able to get into it and the message that were never deleted . I’m like wow. I knew it . I just didn’t have the proof to prove it and now here it is. He had my phone and saw the screen shots k took and he was like how did you even find this . Who cares. And he brushed it off like oh this is old news and now I’m like wow I need trust my gut. At this point he has numerous apps and stuff that hide and don’t trackthings disappear after closing crap like that and now I’m think I’m being played… He’s playing me . He always has been. I’ve been tempted to hack his phone tbh… Just to have the proof . I’ve tried breaking up with him before he pulled that reverse psychology on me and he was like why? So you can go yr all to so and so . Blah blah . I hate him just typing this and reading this article . Ugh f him tbh.

  9. Will I ever trust again? Will everyone jus inevitably cheat? Am I moving from the devil I know to an even bigger devil by leaving my partner of 8 years who continuously texts other women inappropriately and everytime he’s caught he says “he’s insecure” “he does it because he has anxiety to tell me the truth”. He has maintained I’m the only one he wants to spend his life with but describes the thrill of txting other women on the side as similar to the thrill he gets from porn, he doesn’t want to act on it but he finds it thrilling and pleasing to his ego in that moment! Is this something that will ever change or do I jus need to move on? We have tried therapy, swinging, threesomes! I’ve even asked if he wants an open relationship and he’s said no as he doesn’t want us jus freely getting with other ppl without the other one there BUT shock as it turns out he wants it open his end but shut my end, doesn’t want me talkin to others or sleeping with others but he of course can talk to others behind my back sexually. This is about his fourth or fifth time being caught and he now says I can have all his passwords and check his phones and he won’t have girl mates … what a shit way to live! I was so care free I let him do whatever he wanted without having to ask me as I dnt own him so if he needed to go see a girl mate at a hotel at 2 am I never questioned it I always trusted his reasons and I slept so well with no worries, even after catching him lying twice and finding out the girl he went to meet at the hotel was someone he was txting inappropriately. Everytime this happens, the trust breaks down and it starts to rebuild again over time and I’ve still managed to trust him somehow (by accepting that no ones perfect and every relationship has their struggles) but now I feel like I will never be the same girl again! Am I that worthless that I’m not enough for him? Leaving him means having to trust someone else who could do even worse to me as I genuinely believe no one is trustworthy these days! I’ve always been confident, smart, make more money than him, more driven than him and more motivated and I’ve never pressured him to move at a pace faster than his own natural pace I’ve been far too lenient and far too relaxed and now I’m a doormat who now questions her own self worth and esteem! No idea how I’ve even got to a point of reaching out to forums as I’ve never done it before but this does feel quite therapeutic so thanks for reading anyone who has!

    1. there are actually really good books on the psychology of cheating. I would recommend you read those not to get over something or to heal, but to understand why. The thing I love about my job is I look at everything so psychological and philosophical that it helps so much when everything.

  10. Hello,
    I am 6 years together with my boyfriend. I thought we have a really strong relationship and that we both are deeply in love with each other. He is also very sweet and caring and gives me lot of attention and love, so it was a real shock when l found out certain things happened.
    Last year in February l found out that he was sexting and meeting up with a girl and texting other girls to meet up while he was on Christmas holiday alone visiting his family…
    I found out by secretly having a look in his WhatsApp and Facebook messages… I felt so guilty for reading his messages and l never felt so betrayed in the same time…
    we had some really horrible months after l found out…. he said he was so confused because at that time we were experiencing a really tough period and he promised that he will never do this again and nothing physically happened between them and that I am the only woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. …
    l tried to build up the trust again, but it was and is still very hard and l was still wondering if he was doing it again since the last time.
    My self confidence is completely destroyed…
    yesterday l was going again through his messages while he was sleeping… l found other messages from June and from September when he was again alone on holiday visiting his family. He again asked different girls to meet up or made them compliments how good they are looking and l also found a message from him texting a woman (probably an escort because it was a business number) and asking her if she would be available for the time he is staying.
    I feel so empty and lost right now… l am so shocked and l feel so bad l can’t even cry… it hurts so much and l feel like I can’t breathe… it’s like he has two different personalities… on one side he is this sweet loving and caring bf and on the other side he is sexting girls and hookers…. I don’t know what to do now… I don’t know how to handle it and my brain tries to find an excuse for his actions … is it possible to forgive and forget after all that? Can we go on after all l discovered? Is there maybe another explanation for all the messages??
    I feel so dumb and stupid that l accept that someone can treat me like that and can do things like that and l have no idea what to do now. He is a completely different person when he is with me and l thought he is the love of my life and we are also living together so it is not so easy to throw him out ….I really need help! What should l do?

    Sorry for Tipos or other grammatical errors

      1. Hey Kate,

        thank you for your comment!

        The problem is that my brain says I should leave him immediately, but my heart wants to stay with him because I love him so much… I really thought we will have a future….
        and I always think that maybe if we change the circumstances we can fix it and he will never do it again…. I feel so stupid…

        I asked him if he wants to confess something and he said he has a clean conscience… so I asked him if he thinks we will have a future and he said I am the only one he can imagine to marry and to be the mother of his kids…
        It feels like my brain explodes… he is like my kryptonite ….

        I don’t know when to tell him what I know…It’s a really difficult period because I have important presentations I have to prepare and my birthday is next week als well…

        1. Hi there,

          After reading this I’m realizing how close to home this is hitting and wondering what you ended up doing? I’m currently feeling the exact same way / undergoing this EXACT situation so would love to know what you did! Hope you’re ok!!

  11. Hi there,

    After reading this I’m realizing how close to home this is hitting and wondering what you ended up doing? I’m currently feeling the exact same way / undergoing this EXACT situation so would love to know what you did! Hope you’re ok!!

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    Рядом со значком Android находится кнопка для скачивания приложения для iPhone. Нажав на нее, пользователь переходит в магазин App Store. Можно ознакомиться с технической информацией о клиенте и скачать софт бесплатно.
    Обзор приложения Winline
    Расположение блоков в клиенте Винлайн стандартное. Интерфейс для работы с БКWinline обычный. Слева находится меню доматчевой линии. События рассортированы по видам спорта: теннис, футбол, хоккей и т.д. В правой части доступен ЛК Винлайн:
    • история ставок;
    • зачисления денег;
    • заявки на вывод;
    • информация о клиенте.
    Зарегистрироваться в Винлайн можно через приложение, после чего можно получить бонус от Винлайна.
    Плюсы и минусы приложения Винлайн:
    Отметим следующие плюсы клиентов Android и АйОС:
    • видеотрансляции матчей;
    • ставки в 1 клик;
    • матч-центр (графическая анимация и отображение статистики матча);
    • быстрое снятие выигрыша;
    • бездепозитный фрибет;
    • экономия трафика;
    • быстрый доступ к ставкам при наличии мобильного и интернета.
    К минусам клиентов причисляют некорректную работу на старых устройствах (зависания, вылеты, после которых требуется повторная авторизация).
    Мобильная версия Винлайн: Мобильная версия Winline открывается автоматически при авторизации через телефон или планшет, также можно открыть ее и через ПК, введя адрес m.winline.ru в адресной строке браузера.
    Меню открывается после нажатия на кнопку в верхнем правом углу (две горизонтальные полоски). В меню есть следующие разделы:
    • Х50. Игра на 50 миллионов;
    • express Extra +50%;
    • бесплатная ставка;
    • наши партнеры;
    • документы;
    • контакты;
    • загрузить клиент;
    • перейти на полную версию.
    Mobi-версия оптимизирована под экраны смартфонов, использовать ее на компьютере не слишком удобно, впрочем, она потребляет меньше трафика. Также отличием ее от полной версии сайта является отсутствие лайв-чата.
    Отзывы пользователей: Отметим основные преимущества и недостатки приложений, которые отмечают юзеры. Преимущества:
    • простой и понятный интерфейс;
    • быстрая работа;
    • регулярные обновления;
    • быстрый расчет ставок;
    • ставки в 1 клик;
    • приветственный бонус 2000 руб.
    В числе минусов отмечается следующие:
    • софт может вылетать и требовать повторную авторизацию;
    • не всегда сразу проходит авторизация;
    • приветственный фрибет 2000 руб. необходимо отыграть;
    • не всегда корректное отображение истории пари и депозитов (зависает, не показывает актуальной информации);
    • тормоза при слабом интернете.
    [url=https://womaninc.ru/forum/threads/winline-zagruzit-na-android-apk-prilozhenie-winline.11412/]Винлайн установить[/url]

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    Софт лицензированного оператора спортивных пари Лига Ставок для устройств на платформе АйОС и Android доступны по ссылкам на сайте ligastavok.ru. Приложения соответствую запросам самых требовательных бетторов.
    Liga Stavok – динамично развивающаяся компания, которая стабильно предлагает игровой продукт высочайшего уровня.
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    Установить официальное ПО Лига Ставок для мобильных гаджетов можно на ligastavok.ru. Соответствующие вкладки вынесены на видное место – вверху чуть левее формы входа на сайт.
    Как установить ПО Лига Ставок на Андроид
    Загружать программы желательно с сайта Liga Stavok. В Гугл Плей оператор ставок не размещает свои продукты в связи с политикой компании.
    Для успешной установки ПО юзеру следует в настойках телефона разрешить инсталляцию из неофициальных источников.
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    Интерфейс ПО
    Цветовая гамма приложения – фирменные бело-зеленые цвета.
    3/4 экрана занимает самая важная информация — отображение главных игр дня по прематчевой линии и в live. Другая четверть экрана отведена основному и второстепенному меню. В верхней части программы отображается раздел, в котором находится клиент. Внизу — прематчевая линия, вкладка «Избранное», профиль и купон ставки.
    В разделе «Лайв» игрок может видеть сразу графическую информацию по матчу или трансляцию, а также коэффициенты. Преимуществом является возможность просматривать онлайн-трансляции на весь экран и в это же время следить за изменением коэффициентов и ставить.
    Функциональные возможности
    После авторизации в программе, пользователю БК Liga Stavok доступны такие опции:
    1. Ставки на спорт, просмотр статуса сделок.
    2. Пополнение счета и вывод средств.
    3. Отыгрыш бонусов.
    4. Запросы службе поддержки.
    5. Трансляции матчей.
    В лайве пользователю доступна «Умный купон». Он предоставляет мгновенную реакцию на изменения в линии, чтобы пользователь мог поставить по наиболее высоким коэффициентам. В купоне ставок также предусмотрены пари «в один клик», быстрый выбор суммы ставки из установленных вариантов.
    Как заключать пари при помощи софта LigaStavok
    Ставить в приложении Liga Stavok можно на события прематчевой линии и в лайве. После входа в аккаунт на главной странице приложения отображаются наиболее статусные матчи в live. Чтобы выбрать матч из списка, следует пройти в соответствующий раздел и нажать на интересующий поединок из списка видов спорта и лиг.
    Для заключения пари через приложение Лига Ставок, необходимо сделать следующее:
    • авторизоваться в приложении;
    • выбрать раздел;
    • выбрать встречу и рынок для ставки;
    • кликнуть на интересующий коэффициент. Событие добавится в ставочный купон;
    • выбрать тип ставки (ординар, экспресс или система). Ввести сумму ставки;
    • нажать на «Заключить пари».
    Если после формирования купона игрок передумает ставить, то купон можно сбросить, нажав на значок корзины. Также можно редактировать купон ставки, нажав на крестик напротив конкретного матча.
    Моби-версия Liga Stavok
    Моби-версия сайта Лига Ставок расположена по адресу m.ligastavok.ru. Появилась в 2017. Важным преимуществом мобильной версии является низкое потребление интернет-трафика
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    В меню входят следующие разделы:
    • Мои пари;
    • Мой аккаунт;
    • Выписка по интерактивным ставкам;
    • Пополнение;
    • Выплата выигрыша;
    • Настройки;
    • VIP;
    • Акции;
    • Статистика;
    • Матч-центр;
    • Помощь;
    • О компании;
    • Отслеживание клубной карты;
    • Служба поддержки
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    ## Как установить приложение

    Требуется совершить несколько несложных шагов, и тогда Fonbet apk будет доступен на вашем смартфоне:
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    2. Нажимаете кнопку «Скачать» в блоке с Android. Разрешите телефону загрузить файл . апк
    3. После этого лучше сразу зайти в настройки вашего телефона и разрешить системе устанавливать приложения из внешних источников.
    4. Открываете файл .апк и устанавливаете на ваш устройство.Иконка появится на экране.
    ## Преимущества и недостатки
    Основное преимущество приложения Фонбет – это скоростной онлайн-доступ к пари, который осуществляется даже при низкой скорости передачи траффика. Все юзеры мобильного клиента могут пользоваться функционалом, который дублирует сайт букмекера.
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    Если вы делаете ставки редко, то загружать приложение нет резона – только лишний раз захламлять память на телефоне. Тогда советуем воспользоваться mobi-версией портала, на ней доступны почти все сервисы. Правда, не получится совершать пари при низкой скорости интернета, поскольку страничка требует куда больше трафика из-за постоянной загрузки графических изображений.
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  224. На данный момент можно сделать вывод, что он является лучшим способом тренировать все тело равномерно и гармонично. В отличие от других спортивных упражнений, кроссфит включает в себя упражнения, которые направленны на несколько групп мышц одновременно.

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