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5 Genius Ways To Get A Guy Begging To Be Your Boyfriend (These Are Powerful)

Life would be amazing if you didn’t have to put forth any effort when it comes to getting a guy to like you. The best feeling in the world would be to wake up to his text followed by him confirming plans you have that following weekend. While that does happen, you probably feel it’s as rare as a Bigfoot sighting. Thankfully, the things I am going to go over in this article are going to make your love life a Hell of a lot easier. I am going to go in depth on 5 Different ways to get a guy to like you fast so you stress less, do less work, and have him crawl to you.

1.Create Leverage and Give In Slowly To Hook A Guy

Here is the sad truth: Women give in way too early without even realizing it. You justify this by explaining to me that he’s the one making all the effort! That he’s the one reaching out, blowing up your phone, confirming dates, and talking about the future. Why shouldn’t I go along with it?

Here is why:

A guy isn’t going to question his actions. Men are more in the moment type of creatures and you can’t apply that knowledge to women. Men will say and do things based on how they feel in the moment then get what I call Buyer’s Remorse. This is why a lot of the time you see men show a lot of attention in the beginning then pull away. They’re battling the concept of liking you and being in a relationship with you which are two different things.

What Is The Difference Between A Guy LIking You And Wanting A Relationship?

Young handsome man over isolated background smiling crossing fingers with hope and eyes closed. Luck and superstitious concept.

His emotional feelings for you cannot be helped. He cannot control if he likes you or not. He wants to like you since it’s a great feeling to like someone and be liked in return. However, relationships are something he can help. He can choose to be in a relationship or not. A relationship to a lot of men is a lifestyle and we have a long list of reasons why we don’t want to be in one unless the woman is worth it

  • We would only be sleeping with one person
  • We have days/nights accounted for
  • We have to make sacrifices
  • We have to do all that stupid family function stuff
  • We have more responsibility
  • We have to talk and text daily
  • We are expected to communicate our feelings if something is wrong when that may not be our way to cope with situations
  • And many more

I know you’re thinking, “Yeah dude, that’s called being a grown up and holding down a relationship.”

The problem with that mindset you have though is that’s not for you to decide. Hence, why he’s not jumping into a relationship. He doesn’t want that or is even ready for one.

This all comes back around to what I said at the beginning about leverage: Don’t give in. If you do, he’s going to have his cake and eat it too. No reason to invest in a relationship when I am already getting the benefits while being single. In fact, he’s going to lose out on things committing to you:

  • Other women
  • Other women
  • Other women

See what I am getting at? He is going to call your bluff knowing that you like him and that you’re going to stick around. That gives him power! Never give in to a guy unless you fully trust him. Think of it as a power transition. You have the power and you’re giving it to him trusting that he’s not going to abuse it.

How Do I Know When I Can Trust A Guy?

That is a mixture of many things including intuition, how long you two have talked, how much investing he has done, and what he’s actually looking for. For me, I am a big believer in watching a guy’s investment over time. Any guy can invest a lot in the beginning and no matter what he’s looking for (relationship or to get in your pants), he’s going to invest. He knows he has to put forth SOME TYPE OF EFFORT. It’s your job to know your value and if he’s being genuine or not. Usually, time will tell.

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2. Fill A Void That He Can’t Resist

Liking someone isn’t enough A lot of people believe it’s as simple as you like me and I like you so let’s date. While that logically is congruent, he can also like many other women. There is where options come in. Your job, just as his, is to stick out from the crowd. The best way of doing that is to fill a void.

Humans are obsessed with completion, progression, reaching goals, growing, and escalating. Nothing is better than doing it with a woman who you’re attracted to, who adds value to your life, and does the same things you want to do.

Let me give you an example. This may be a little harsh and selfish but it’s true to human nature. I don’t like sharing my bed. I don’t like turning my tv down. I love anime. I don’t care how hot you are or the fact that I like you. If you want to come over and you sprawl across my bed, hog the covers, don’t care for anime and make me change it to something you want to watch, and go to bed early because you have to get up at 7 am for work and ask me to turn the tv down, I now have a problem. I am weighing what I call assets versus liabilities. Of course, I will do these things for you because I like you but it doesn’t mean I want to do them. Over time, when the honeymoon stage is over, I am going to wish I was home alone watching anime instead of you coming over and forcing me to watch Game Of Thrones with you falling asleep halfway through because you have to work in the morning. While I do like you, I can also like another woman who loves anime, who sleeps as stiff as a board and is on the same sleeping pattern as me. It’d be less stressful, we’d get along well, and enjoy each other’s company. She fills the void that I am looking for in the fact that she makes my life easier and the things I love doing more enjoyable.

So ask yourself these questions because I know for a fact men do:

  • How do you stick out from the crowd?
  • How is the competition?
  • Do I make his life easier or more stressful?
  • How does he make my life?
  • Am I happier with him? If so, is it for the right reasons?

This is compatibility. Looking good and having a great personality isn’t enough because everyone looks decent and has a decent personality. You have to be a luxury to each other. If not, you’re easily replaceable.

3. Build Sexual Tension To Get Him Investing

Smile a little. Sexy lips of sexi woman. Sexy woman with white smile. Silicone injection for lips. Silicone dental braces. Dental care. Botox treatment. Botox and filler. I love changing my makeup.

I can’t beat around the bush with this one. Men are just sexual beings and it’s one of the first things that trigger our brains into investing in a woman. I know it’s contradicting what I said in the last section. It’s important to understand what I am saying . Sexual tension and looks are needs and important. But alone, they’re not enough.

Sexual tension is playful, it creates fun banter, and it’s this fun, witty, tug of war between the sexes. Think of it as another layer threaded into the chemistry and rapport you two have.

What is the best way to build sexual tension?

Sexual tension should feel natural and not forced. You can do simple things such as:

  • Closing the proximity
  • Holding eye contact
  • Touching
  • Facing him
  • Looking at his lips
  • Wearing something sexy that compliments your body

Most importantly, it comes down to one thing: Context

Context is everything. It’s the vibe you create by layering these things on top of each other. So wearing something sexy, laughing at his jokes and hitting him when he says something witty, going on a date a night versus the day, innuendoes, and other things create this tension. It’s never one thing. Keep that in mind. No one thing should be the pillar holding up the sexual tension. It will never last. Don’t force it. Just let it happen over the period of the date.

4. Follow My Definition of Hot and Cold

That doesn’t mean be nice then be a bitch. My definition is different: Do what you have to do to hook him but never let him think he has you. We as men sadly base our self-worth on what you think of us. Nothing throws a wrench in this better than a woman who is fun, playful, goes along with the chemistry, innuendoes, jokes, and playful banter only to find out later on that she’s not acting the same she was after that night.

Be alluring. Be elusive. Be mysterious. Don’t pull back too much or he’s going to think you’re playing games.

Remember: men base their esteem off what you give them so he’s not going to risk putting too much effort or resources into you if he doesn’t see a return. However, too much of a return makes a guy take you for granted.

Why Play Games? I Hate Playing Games.

This is not playing games. I know it seems like it but you’re not doing it to be a jerk. You’re thinking, “Well if I like him and want to see him, why not see him?” The reason is that’s how YOU FEEL. Not him. You don’t know where he stands, what he wants, if he’s talking to other women, his dating history, if he’s emotionally available, and many other factors. So it’s better to stick with what works: Show interest but don’t go over the top otherwise he’s going to stop investing in you because he has you and instead invests in other women who he hasn’t hooked yet.

5. Creating Competition Between Men To Stir The Pot

Bandit aggression anger. Muscular man fighting. Violence and attack. Street fight. Attack and defence. Get ready attack. Man with baseball bat. Hooligan hits bat. Victory requires payment in advance

A man cannot know that he has you. If you’re not a woman who has options, he has nothing to worry about. You have to find a way to create competition. Something as simple as being an attractive woman can go it because he logically knows that you have prospects and that other men come up to you and ask you out.

I had a client who was very attractive and had guys crawling at her feet. She told me a story how her date went up to go to the bathroom while they were sitting in a restaurant and while he was away, two different men came up to her and asked her for her number. She told her date and she said that her date has never gone to the bathroom on a date since.

Men hate losing to other men and jealousy is a horrible feeling. That’s why I say to hook the man, get him to desire you, create some competition, be elusive all at the same time showing this man interest. He will not know where he stands but not give up either because you’re throwing in subtle signs that he may already be in. It’s the uncertainty that drives us crazy!

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There you go. There are 5 ways to get a guy hooked and liking you fast. If you have any suggestions or tips for the readers, please leave a comment below. If you have a question for me involving this, comment and I will reply if I can. Best of luck ladies!


What's going on everybody? It's your favorite dating coach, Elliot Scott! I am a 32-year-old who loves to read, write, and play games. Yes, I have a life outside of giving advice :)

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