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How Much Can A Guy Like A Girl He Never Met?

Are you wondering how much he likes you even though you never met?

In today’s world, dating has moved online and with that, you sometimes find yourself in a long-distance relationship or talking to someone you have never even met. I know that can lead to a lot of overthinking and questions. I’m here to put your mind at ease while giving you the tools to tell if this guy is really into you.

In this article, I will give you all the answers you are looking for and more so you can leave empowered and confident about your dating situation and know if he is really into you or if you’re just wasting your time.

How Much Can A Guy Like A Girl He Never Met?

A guy can really like a girl he never met because he can feel the same emotions such as joy and happiness. He also paints the picture in his mind of what it’s going to be like with her and how he sees his life playing out. You don’t need to meet someone in order to like them. I know people who thought they were in love and never met

Just to be clear, does this mean every man you meet online is going to fall in love with you? No. But it is hopeful due to the fact that we can feel very strong emotions for someone we never met which can then catapult us into a more serious relationship down the road.

What wins men over is the idea of you or the fantasy. When he likes you but has never met you, that is a recipe for daydreaming.

He’s going to have you in his head and play out little scenarios such as:

  • What it’s going to be like with you
  • First kiss
  • Sex
  • Meeting his friends and family
  • Cuddling
  • Holidays
  • What it’s going to be like long-term with you
  • And much more!

It is VERY important though to point out Lovebombing in this situation. Although a guy can like you a lot without meeting you, you need to be realistic: How much can a guy actually like you when he has never met you? Men are visual, sexual, and physical by nature. He needs these things in order to fully fall for you.

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I have seen plenty of times where guys have an ideal image of what things are going to be like once they meet and then when they do, it falls short of his unrealistic expectations and they end up drifting apart.

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Signs A Guy Likes You Despite Never Meeting You:

  • Invests his assets into you from afar (this is always going to happen but how long and consistent is it?)
  • Showing loyalty and trust despite never meeting you
  • Vulnerability
  • Future building
  • Consistency

These are all signs that a man is building an attraction in a conscious or subconscious manner. However, I see a lot of the times where a guy does all these things but then it dies off or the context gets too serious and he backs away after awhile.

Please listen to your gut on this! Don’t be blind just because you like him. What do you truly feel?

I feel too many people get wrapped up in what this can turn into to the point where it leaves reality and unrealistic expectations. Just enjoy each other’s company for now. Just enjoy the fact that you two are talking.

You need to understand you’re building a lot of context before even meeting. As I said above, I would not be surprised once you meet, it all feels so fast and realistic to him that he freaks out and pulls away.

I see a lot of guys plan for a lot of things in the future to only fall short when they actually arrive. It goes good when they meet but when he has to go back, he starts to overthink.

He may feel it’s such a good thing but so hard or unrealistic due to distance and let’s you go because he doesn’t want to get hurt.

His logic is finally kicking in. That doesn’t mean it can’t work. It’s just more realistic to him.

This is why the best thing you can possibly do is not worry about a relationship or titles. Just focus on attraction. Don’t try to talk daily, make plans to be together or anything like that. Just enjoy each other.

Signs He’s Losing Interest in you

A lot of people have been in scenarios where they have been dating and out of nowhere the guy loses interest and starts to pull away or even worse ghost in the middle of building attraction.

Ghosting IS VERY common if you have never met.

The best thing you can do moving forward is to start looking for some things a man has that can start to show you he is losing interest or ready to drop your connection altogether.

  • Moving too fast too soon
  • Paying attention to the context so you understand the amount of pressure being created
  • Not having clear communication 
  • Something you might have done (to clingy or something similar)
  • Or easy access (Always being available)

Most of the time if something like this occurs the women can go into a bargaining mode. From here you lower your standards which isn’t good.

You feel you invested in this person so much that you’re forgetting the fact that dating is still a game, whether you’re attracted to the person or not.

If this starts to happen, you better leave. You’re too invested while this guy is still unsure. You have created a hierarchy and put yourself below his needs which in turn, gives him all the power.

Please be careful. I see this a lot.

Just be wary of the signs that a guy is losing interest as much as signs he likes you.

At the end of the day, it comes down to assets, liabilities, pressure, and if the guy is willing to be with you despite the pressure.

Assets are the things you offer the things he wants from you. This can be:

  • Relationship
  • Sex
  • Attention
  • Ego-boost
  • Status boost
  • Validation
  • And more

See, a lot of these things are things he can get from you despite a relationship so that has be question the true intentions of talking to someone long-distance that he has never met.

Liabilities are the things that cost him resources to in order to obtain these assets. This includes:

  • Long-distance
  • Constant talking and texting (it gets boring after a while trust me)
  • Not having immediate access to you
  • The threat of men who are closer
  • Having to invest from afar

I still want you to be hopeful. I have seen this work out and turn into a beautiful thing. I am just warning you of the pitfalls I see. I feel people have rose colored glasses on and don’t focus on these traps because they’re so enamored by the idea of this hopefully working out.

Let me know what you all think. How much do you think a guy can like you when he’s never met you? Do you think it’s even possible? What are the best way to keep a romance like this lasting for the long haul?


What's going on everybody? It's your favorite dating coach, Elliot Scott! I am a 32-year-old who loves to read, write, and play games. Yes, I have a life outside of giving advice :)

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